Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd May 2022  episode begins with Jijabai storming out of the room. Lakshmi burnt her hands, but she was satisfied to know that the books were saved. Bhim Rao asked Rama to apply medicine. Lakshmi confronted her mistake of burning his books in past but today she felt relived to save them. Rama took her to apply medicine on her wounds. Bhim Rao sat beside his books.

Guruji came. Ramji inquired. Guruji asked Ramji to call Bhim Rao he was here to cover his books. Ramji went inside, he was unaware of Lakshmi’s arrival. He saw Bhim Rao with his books, they were all wet and destroyed. Ramji smelled a book, recognized kerosene oil. He understood that Jijabai didn’t change, she needs to be taught a lesson. Bhim Rao asked him to let go. Ramji ordered Bhim Rao to collect his books.

Guruji wondered why Bhim Rao hasn’t come out already. Hitesh, Joku and his friends mocked Bhim Rao for being a drama. They asked Guruji not to waste his time on Bhim Rao, he was a manipulator. Guruji asked Hitesh to talk on issue which concerned him. Ramji came out with the books. Told everyone that Jijabai tried to burn these books, she has burnt them before, but this this time Lakshmi saved them.

Jijabai questioned him for telling everyone. Ramji wanted people to know who supported Bhim Rao’s education and who were against him. Hitesh contradicted, said that Bhim Rao would never success to have a book written on him. Guruji stopped Hitesh, he was confident about Bhim Rao’s success. Bhim Rao asked everyone to let go. They started covering his books.

A woman brought breakfast to Varchand’ wife. She asked the lady that her support was more needed than the breakfast. She was fighting for every other woman of this society. The woman loved and cared for Varchand’s wife,

but she didn’t want to fight for any cause. She asked Varchand’s wife to come home, the woman had injuries on her hand which were revealed. Varchand’s wife asked her not to cope with the pain anymore, she must speak up against those who brutally beats them. Varchand came, the woman left.

Varchand told his wife that her absence left him unbothered. Her actions were damaging his well-known image in locality. His wife picked up a stick and asked him to beat her with it, but she refused to come home under any conditions. She denied Varchand’s claim of being unbothered by her absence. Varchand threw the stick away, he knew that his men would throw her in river to tonight.

Lakshmi came back to earn, Anand stayed back for his treatment. Jijabai refused to lend them pension money. Meera questioned Jijabai. She decided to become the bad person owing to her always being subjected to it.

Bhim Rao asked Lakshmi not to worry, he would carry the responsibility. Rama comforted Lakshmi, Bhim Rao and Rama would try to manage. Jijabai taunted Bhim Rao and Rama for destroying everything. She blamed them for Varchand’s wife struggle. Jijabai left. Ramji questioned Bhim Rao about Varchand’s wife. Puranjan called Bhim Rao, a woman came to ask her for help.

The woman informed Bhim Rao that Varchand was about to throw his wife in the river. Bhim Rao refused to help, said that it was her destiny that whether she lives of be thrown in the river. The woman questioned him. Bhim Rao wasn’t responsible to help everyone in this society. He asked the woman to get help herself and save Varchand’s wife. Ramji and Rama agreed with Bhim Rao.

Varchand’s men grabbed his wife. He asked his men to throw her in the river. She struggled to get freed. Varchand said that people would fear him, they would know that he handled his wife well. She taunted him.

Varchand asked her to find Bhim Rao who wasn’t here to help her. He asked his men to throw her in the river and then come to his place the next morning to mourn her death. A woman came forth, he questioned Varchand. She wasn’t alone, she came with group of women who stood between Varchand and his wife.

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Telecast Date:2nd May 2022
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