Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd August 2021 Bhim Rao and Rama eats the food. Lakshmi watching from the window went and told Jijabai about the food Bhim Rao brought from Guruji. Jijabai asked about the months date, it was 1st of month.

Ramji was given his monthly fee for labor. Sethji called Puranjan and gave him his fee for his two days’ work, he asked to include them in next month. Sethji insisted, he should be paid for the work he did. Puranjan praised the city for being just with its worker, otherwise in Satara they were cursed for their hard work. Puranjan insisted Ramji to take his money, Ramji refused. Puranjan forcefully handed him the money denying listening to Ramji’s any excuse. Ramji thought to give that money to Bhim Rao.

Daliya amma asked Shoemaker to fix her shoe, she will pay him in few days. Shoemaker taunted a neighbor because it was salary day and due to that he must have had an expensive pan today. Daliya amma’s son sacred the man from behind. He was scold by his mother for not earning anything out of his job. He showed her the money he earned. Despised everyone for not having faith in his work. Ramji believed him. Shoemaker asked Ramji to accompany him as they will celebrate 1st of every month, like a ritual. Ramji agreed.

He went home, Jijabai gave him water. Jijabai asked for the salary, she wanted to run the house budget herself. Rama’s siblings and Puranjan were a burden. Ramji asked her to focus only on her husband’s peace. She asked if he were worried about her needs. She couldn’t be a mother but never fought him for it. She wanted to run the house budget like every other women. Ramji handed her the salary. He called Bhim Rao, he asked Jijabai to give him money for his college expenses, books, and copies. He asked Jijabai to give him 1 anna and then another anna. Jijabai said that she would only give half anna, not full. Ramji asked Jijabai not to say anything to Puranjan, it was an order as a husband. Bhim Rao gave Jijabai all the money, asked her to give food to Rama’s siblings. Bhim Rao left. Jijabai checked Ramji’s pockets, knowing that he might have saved some money for Bhim Rao she took the money from his pockets.
Rama question why he returned all the money, how would he afford transportation to college. Bhim Rao said that he would walk to school, it might hurt and exhaust him but at least they won’t have to starve for food. It would get him in shape, his husband would look good than. Rama asked him not to change the topic. Bhim Rao understood Rama’s concern, he said that the poor has to strive to earn bread.
Rama was thinking about Bhim Rao and the many times he has stood up for her. a man came to sell bangles. Rama was called to buy some. Jijabai asked her to go and buy bangles, ask someone to buy it for her. That’s the only thing she can do owing that her husband doesn’t earn anything. Lakshmi came asking Jijabai to buy bangles, Jijabai approved as her husband earns. She took her to buy the bangles / Bhim Rao heard the conversation.

He went outside, took some leaves from a tree.

Rama was being called to buy bangles, she refused with an excuse that she has better. She said to herself that a caring husband was better than all the jewelry. Bhim Rao refused with her, said that husband gives Bangles as well. He made bangles out of the leaves but twisting them multiple times. Though they didn’t sparkle like the glass ones, yet it was a symbol of his love and care for Rama. Rama replied that Bangles would not last forever, but her husband’s love was eternal.

Anand came home. Jijabai realizing that he would have got his pay today as well hurried to him before he hands it to Ramji. She asked Anand for the salary, she has talked to Ramji from today on wards she would run the budget. Anand hesitated, Lakshmi asked her to hand over the money. Anand asked her not to do any injustice with Bhim Rao and Rama. Taking her in confidence he will hand over all the pay to her every month. Jijabai was infuriated with everyone’s concern and affection for Bhim Rao and Rama. Ramji inquired about the money he had in his pocket. Jijabai answered that she took them. Ramji said that some of it belonged to Puranjan. Unbothered, Jijabai replied that he lives in this house as well.

At night everyone was celebrating, dancing, and singing. Meanwhile their landlord came asking every lower caste to empty the houses till morning.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Landlord asks every lower caste to empty their house. Bhim Rao inquires the reason. Ghoshi appeared from behind and tells that they have been asked to do so beacuse Bhim Rao spoke to him loudly. Bhim Rao requests him not to ruin everyone’s house because of him. Ghoshi asks everyone to join their hands. Rama refuses.

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Telecast Date:2nd August 2021
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