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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd April 2021 Maharaj announces his decision, according to it the owner of that Cow will punish Baala as he wills. The owner wanted to beat Baala fifty times. Bhima disagreeing to the punishment asks Maharaj not to misuse the platform of panchayat. Anand retaliates. Pandit shuts them both, as the decisions had been taken punishment is declared. It was under severe conditions in which Baala committed the crime, Guru ji asks the society to show some sympathy as Baala’s intended to save someone’s life. Maharaj wanted to respect panchayat’s process and carry one the punishment. He threw a leather belt to the Cow owner; he leans forward to beat Baala. Bhima hurries and hugs Baala asking to be punished as well. Anand, Meera joins them. Maharaj orders to beat them limitlessly. God will not forgive the ones who beat children and women, spoke Guru ji.

The owner was about to hit them when Ram ji stopped him. He furiously stood their declaring not to get near his family. Everyone hugged him, Bhima and Anand cried. He freed Baala from the tree. They had not heard him correctly said Ramji to Maharaj and the villagers. Maharaj asked about the law, will he not accept panchayat’s decision today. What will his sons learn from this, Seth ji wanted Ramji to join his family for the punishment? Rami said that law is something agreed and believed not forced upon others. Mangesh interrupted that he was in Gora village hiding his identity from everyone, upon disclosure of his actual cast Ram ji was kicked out. His son is a thief and he himself a liar creating hurdles for everyone hear.

Ram ji asked Bhima to tell him the entire reason for this Panchayat. He told him everything that happened. Wiping his tears Ramji grabbed the cow man. He wanted an honest abidance of law. Questioned the Cow Man’s authority to make a child serve him as an animal and beating him in scorching heat. Ramji pushed him away. Ramji then grabbed Seth ji, he asked Maharaj the amount beating he should face. Seth ji has nothing to do accept trouble his family. If law is to be abided, it must be according to right laws. Puranjan came forward revealing that Maharaj notified everyone not to help Bhima and his family, according to that, Maharaj is also a criminal. He must also set beating for himself. Bhima warned to declare punishment for every criminal, that one must do while willing to abide with the law. Maharaj should do so and be an example of justice for all. Maharaj was confused as Bhima was making the situation difficult for him. Ramji wished to take this matter to the real court. To avoid the actual court Maharaj doubted its process regarding his Dharam and societal requirements. His Dharam is enough to fulfil the law. Ramji disagreed. Maharaj asked him not to mix Dharam with law. Ramji answered that It is a long discussion however justice must always prevail in every Dharam having it not shadowed down.

Policemen agreed with Ramji. He asked everyone to come to the station with him and let the law handle this matter. Maharaj said he was not interested in this matter, he agreed for the panchayat’s procession just to ease the matter upon the villager’s demand. He said that he is leaving it to them now. He was going to his prayer site asking the policemen to take him from their if they want to. Maharaj left. Mangesh still wanted to punish Ramji. He even questioned the policemen and their rule of law. Seth ji told everyone to leave for their home. Showing sympathy to Ramji Policeman praised his son Bhima for his intentions of justice and right law. Guru ji and Puranjan blessed Ramji and left.

Baala hugged his father. Rami complained about not being informed of their situation. He asked them about the money he sent. Bhima stared Jijabai remembering her message.

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