Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th September 2022 episode begins with Varchand challenging everyone. He wondered why the British Government would listen to them. He was about to live. Rama asked them to bring the 20 laborers whose lives changed for good. She asked why they weren’t here. Joshi and Varchand left.

The lawyer left as well. Bala tried to force his wife out of the chawl. Rama stopped them, said that his wife won’t go anywhere.

Bala asked Bhim Rao to stop his wife from interfering in their personnel mater. Rama forbid Bala from talking to his wife like that. Bala questioned. Bhim Rao agreed with Rama, said that no man had the right to misbehave with his wife. Bala was eager to take his wife, but she refused to go with him. Bala left in anger.

Ghokale men informed Ghokale that the chawl members have refused to go, they accomplished their task. Ghokale asked the man to sit and tell him the whole story. He told that Bhim Rao arranged a show with former contract labors. Ghokale informed Bhim Rao about those people, he put the information to good use. With that the things eased as people refused to go themselves.

Ghokale congratulated them and everyone else. He advised his men not to stop on this cause, they must put an end to this agreement. The man asked why Ghokale never went to meet Bhim Rao to his chawl, when he could have. Ghokale didn’t want that the helper was bigger than the problem. He wanted those people that the Servants of India institution was stronger that the problem. He wanted everyone to know that, even the British Government.

At night, Bhim Rao stared at the circle Joshi dew, recalled his challenge to break the law. Ramji came to him, he questioned Bhim Rao. He told Ramji that he felt vulnerable standing in this circle. His one step could have solved the situation but he couldn’t do it. He learned that one must trust himself in order to follow the law, and that man is the bravest of all. A lot was happening at the time,

but he as was at peace because he was abiding the law. Ramji said that leaning towards the wrong path is easiest and vice versa but the world resides only of true intentions and purity. Bhim Rao’s truth was heard and understood by many. With time everyone will Bhim Rao’s truth one day. Bhim Rao not only wanted them to know but understand its purpose. Ramji asked him to do all within law. He asked Bhim Rao to come and sleep.

Jijabai along with everyone stood in Hitesh’s room. Jijabai taunted everyone for backing off. She didn’t expect that from them. Bhim Rao scared everyone out of the agreement. She questioned how everyone would challenge him. They cannot face him with these faces. Bhabi said that Rama must be instigating Lakshmi.

Lakshmi was cried while Rama consoled her. She and Bhim Rao cared for everyone like their own family. Lakshmi cried because she let herself down in front of Bhim Rao and Ramji again. Rama asked her to forget it like a dream.

Bhabi asked everyone not to forget it like a dream. They must come down as weakling in front of Bhim Rao. Deepak refused, he wanted to thank Bhim Rao. His mother forbids him from doing so. Jijabai praised her for it, asked her to keep Deepak in control. She also asked everyone if they wanted to follow Bhim Rao for face him like a warrior.

Rama asked Lakshmi to come and eat. Meera came asking them to bring Bala’s wife as well. She in sitting dishearten. Ramji asked Lakshmi to do one more thing. Lakshmi asked. Ramji told him to go Anand, bring him back and then find another house for them to live in. Bhim Rao questioned Lakshmi.

Meera said that Lakshmi wasn’t wrong, she did it for Anand. Ramji said that if Lakshmi can decide to become a labor and leave this house on her own, then she must be punished for it. Rama questioned, Lakshmi was ashamed for what she did. Ramji refused to listen to anything. Lakshmi requested Ramji to listen to her. She felt good knowing that this family live by the rule of punishing the wrongdoer. She accepted her punishment with all her heart. She had no right to complaint because she was the one who didn’t believe her family.

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