Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th October 2021 episode Pandith said that people like him won’t end. He must always surpass them. Pandith left.Barrister confessed to Guruji that he was the one who fired Bhim Rao. Guruji questioned. Bhim Rao was being tested, he will one day become a great Barrister.

Bhim Rao was studying his case. Rama wished to help but was born in an another city. Bhim Rao questioned. Rama explained how they could have been friends and studied together. BHim Rao replied that Rama can do that today. Rama was angrily leaving, Bhim Rao stopped her. Bhim Rao explained to her the case. Ramji saw them, was happy to know that Bhim Rao found his soulmate.

Barrister was stopped by Joshi. Barrister knew Joshi’s intention this refused to fire Bhim Rao. Joshi replied that Barrister might not be capable to work. Barrister was being threatened. Joshi replied that outside the court everyone was an equal. Barrister must comprehend and act accordingly.

Anand recalled previous night’s incident. Lakshmi brought him food; Anand refused to eat. Lakshmi understood his pain, sympathized with him. She feed him.

Meera sympathized with Phuilya, she has felt similar pain. Dailya and Manjula consoled her as losing her life for someone who left wasn’t acceptable. Phuilya fasted and prayed for her husband. Mangesh praised Phuliya for her laundry skill about which he heard from someone else. Phuliya misbehaved with him and left. Mangesh was asked not to lie to Phuliya. Mangesh wanted to help her in this troubled time. He understood her pain. Hitesh asked if he wanted to make Phuliya her life partner. Mangesh refused, he only wanted to draw her attention away.

Barrister asked Bhim Rao to explain what he understood of the case. Bhim Rao explained. Barrister recalled Guruji and Joshi’s words. Bhim Rao questioned that the victim was extremely poor to pay the fee, then why Barrister took his case. Barrister works for a justice only. Bhim Rao was suggested to reread the case, till a solution was found. Bhim Rao complied with his advice; sat on the floor and started reading.

Mangesh realized that the caste difference was everywhere. There were people like Joshi here to trouble their lives, getting a job was extremely tough. Anand’s manager saw Ramji, called and offered them a job relative to their caste. Ramji agreed to do.

Sethji brought them to the office, explained Ramji the work and sent them to their duty. Anand was questioned for his unfinished work. Sethji asked Mangesh to help Ramji. Ramji informed that he belonged to the upper caste. Ramji and Puranjna left. Mangesh said that Ramji had three sons. Every child was different but Anand become like Bala. He asked Anand to be like Bhim Rao and stand with his father.

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Telecast Date:29th October 2021
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