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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th July 2022  episode Phuliya asked Hitesh to take Joku to the hospital, she has money. Joku was taken to the hospital.

Joshi celebrated his parents wedding anniversary. Bhim Rao and Rama waited outside. Bhim Rao called Joshi, said that the work had been done. Joshi asked him to wait till the celebration ends. Rama asked for the money as work was done.

Joshi said that education cannot change someone’s standards. The lower caste can never learn how to be happy in someone else’s happiness. Varchand asked Joshi not to waste his time on Bhim Rao.

A man dragged a woman inside Joshi’s house. They pushed the woman in front of his father, the lady was Joshi’s sister. The man asked Joshi’s parents to keep their daughter to themselves as she was a widow who was now having an affair with his brother-in-law.

The father wasn’t interested in his daughter, said that she should drown in a lake or something. They wanted to kill the woman. The lady requested his mother to keep her save. The mother slapped her, said that she should live like a widow. The brother-in-law intervened, he proposed to his Bhabi.

According to him, she had all the rights to live freely, she can start her live new. Joshi slapped the man for seeking to marry his sister. Bhim Rao questioned; Joshi forbids him from intervening. He asked Bhim Rao to take his money and leave. Bhim Rao taunted Joshi’s norms and values, because he was the one who said that one must know how to be happy in others happiness. Joshi shouted at Bhim Rao.

Joshi’s father asked him to let Bhim Rao speak. He went to him, took his wife with him. He asked Bhim Rao to speak. Bhim Rao pleaded that woman in the society live like a dead corpse. His daughter took a very difficult step, she must get support.

The man must be allowed to marry the woman. Rama said that his wedding anniversary would be a good day make such decision. The man agreed with Rama. They convinced her in laws that by marrying her to his brother-in-law would solve a lot of issues. Joshi shouted at Bhim Rao; his father stopped him.

Meera informed Ramji about he money Jijabai has been distributing which she brought from her maternal home. This might be Jijabai’s trick to turn everyone against Bhim Rao. Ramji agreed, he was confused as things have got worse.

Joku came back. Ramhi inquired his health. Hitesh said that it wasn’t a fatal disease, Joku would live a life. Meera asked Ramji to let go; he will never answer politely. Bhabi taunted Ramji, said that he has done same to Jijabai. She asked him to worry about Bhim Rao and Rama who might be getting insulted in someone else’s house.

Joshi’s father was well aware of Bhim Rao. In order to teach Bhim Rao a lesson he took out his sword and challenged Bhim Rao to cross the doorstep only then would he marry his daughter. Rama asked Bhim Rao to come home. Bhim Rao stopped her. He recalled her mother’s word to help others. Bhim Rao was about to take a step.

Joshi’s father lifted his sword. He reminded Bhim Rao about his caste, he asked Bhim Rao to give his life to marry off the women. Bhim Rao took the step, the man attacked Bhim Rao. Ramji pulled Bhim Rao back. He told the man that Bhim Rao’s father was alive to save his life. He asked Bhim Rao to come home. Ramji took Bhim Rao home. Joshi’s father refused to let go of his norms and traditions.

Joshi’s father asked his daughter’s in laws to leave. the mother-in-law asked him to teach his daughter some values. Make her understand that she needs to live like a widow only than she would be taken back. She said that she can live there like a maid.

Father-in-law questioned Joshi’s father who is renowned for running affairs of the society. His own daughter was running the society. They took their son and left. Varchand agreed with the in laws because Nirmala was running the societal traditions. The father asked Joshi to take his sister away.

Bhim Rao argued as Nirmala was not being served with justice. Ramji forbid him from interfering in her matters. Rama said that Bhim Rao can not kill himself for others. Ramji made him understand that he can not save everyone. He ordered Bhim Rao not to help the lady.

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