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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th January 2021 Episode Bhima saying I will continue to dedicate many such trophies to them as it belongs to them only. It may be because Aayi wanted that. Her son will do what his Aayi wanted him to. Sakpal family looks on proudly. Bhima thanks everyone for giving him this trophy. Please try to make sure that maximum kids, including from their community, should go to school. Baba says that only education can help us get out of the darkness that this society has forced us into. Please allow kids from our community to study as well. Everyone claps for Bhima. Ram ji thinks Bhima’s words are coming straight out from his heart. They are dedicated to our people and their circumstances. You left us but you told him to look after people from our community in the end. They will forever be indebted to you. Puranjan thanks Bhima on behalf of everyone. We will forever be indebted to you. They head home.

Bhima shows his trophy and certificate to Meera. She hugs him. I have made sweets for everyone to celebrate this occasion. Ram ji asks her why she exerted herself in this condition. Meera says I can do this much for Bhima. Ganga goes inside. Ram ji asks Bhima to keep the trophy and certificate next to his books. Bhima goes inside. He hears Bhimbai’s voice. She says trophies will multiply. This house will be filled with books and trophies one day. Bhima rues that he looked for her everywhere. You missed the celebration and are here now. She tells him that she cannot be around all the time as she has left this world now. They discuss what happened at the felicitation ceremony. I will be there when you want me, I want you and situation demands us. Bhima asks her how she knows this. Baba had told me this. Were you there? She nods. I will be around even if you cannot see me. He requests her to let him rest her head in her lap and sleep. She happily complies. Your speech was very good. Bhima asks her if she was there. Did you hear it? She nods. Your Baba and everyone were so proud of you. Bhima nods. Villagers were so happy. She says responsibilities come with happiness. You have to continue making these efforts and change things for them. Bhima agrees. He rests his head in her lap. Ram ji has been watching everything from outside worriedly.

Next morning, Puranjan asks Meera about Ram ji. She shares that he is washing clothes. Ganga gives tea to everyone. Ram ji joins them as well. Puranjan proposes the idea of Ram ji’s second marriage to Bhima in front of everyone. They are shocked to hear his suggestion. Bhima rebuffs the idea. Ram ji assures him he wont marry again. He sends Puranjan home. Don’t come here ever again with such ideas. Meera asks Bhima what’s wrong in it. Remember what your Aayi had asked for before she breathed her last? Ram ji tries to stop her but she shares that even she made a promise to Bhimbai about it. Bhima shouts and cries against the idea. Ram ji assures him it will never happen. T

This is Bhimbai’s stuff. Burn it like Sarvagya Maharaj has told you to. Bala heads inside. Baba asks villagers to bring kerosene oil. Bali covers his hands using a piece of cloth and opens the box.

Bala mixes burnt coal and water in a plate. Bali is about to pour kerosene oil on the box when Bala comes out with that fake ash over his head. I spoke to my Aayi’s soul. She is not doing anything. It is Maharaj’s relative’s spirit which is scaring everyone.

Baba asks Bala if he is joking. How can you do it? Bhima and Anand second Bala. Baba says God does not give everyone, especially the people from lower community, this power. Villagers second him. Baba says you have given them freedom. You should keep them in their limits. Bala says we will see who can do that well. Ram ji asks them to leave. I will have to otherwise complain to police captain. Anand says Bhima met rich people last night. No one will be able to escape if they come here. Villagers get tensed. Baba asks them not to get afraid. Your kids and wives will face problems if this isn’t stopped now. Villagers agree. Bhima asks them if they feel like wanting to speak to the dead. They nod. Bhima asks them to ask this Baba to help them communicate with their dead relatives. I will burn the memories of my Aayi with my own hands if he can make that happen.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anand asks Bhima why he is sitting here. Bhima says I don’t feel like doing anything since Aayi left. 2 villagers taunt Anand and Bhima. Looks like they are all murderers. What if Bhima ends up killing his own Baba one day? Bhima makes a fist angrily.

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Telecast Date:29th January 2021
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