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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th January 2020 Written Episode, Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th January 2020 Episode Start With Bheema requests his mother to get up. Anand comes to tell her that even Baba has eaten now. Please eat something. Bheema requests her again but Meera tells them to speak to her tomorrow. You should have dinner now. Don’t argue every time. Has she ever eaten before you guys? Bheema tries to convince his mother once again but then leaves sadly. Bhimbai thinks like every wife, I also want my husband kids to have a happy life together.

Ram ji is unable to sleep. He looks at Bala’s bruised feet sadly and then caresses his hair. His tear falls on Bala’s cheek. Let it be if you really want to pursue music. I only want to see my kids grow. I will try this for you. He wipes his tears; takes out a something and quietly leaves the house.

Next morning, everyone is worried to see Ram ji missing. They check everywhere but he is nowhere to be seen. Anand goes with Ganga. Bhimbai tells Bheema to freshen up. Bala wonders where his Baba went so early in the morning. He notices the teardrop on his cheek.

Ram ji comes to Narayan’s shop. Narayan mocks him. Ram ji asks for money against his jewellery. Narayan refuses to help him. It is my choice. Ram ji says no one else will be able to do what you can do. Narayan keeps a condition in front of him. Ram ji says my need can force me to accept your any condition. Narayan asks him to throw the garbage kept outside in a ditch. He intentionally throws the banana peel for him to pick up. Ram ji throws it in the basket and then does as told. Upon his return, Narayan asks him to stand at a distance. You are stinking. Clean my slippers now. Ram ji asks for a piece of cloth but Narayan points at his clothes. You can use either of them. Ram ji cleans Narayan’s slipper using his gamcha. Narayan finally asks him to hand him the jewellery. Ram ji gives him. Narayan says they are almost nothing. Tell me if you want to sell them. Ram ji tells him he needs money urgently. Narayan enjoys throwing coins at him in different directions. He taunts him again. Your son runs well while you catch well. What is the reason for which you are willing to accept my every condition? Ram ji does not tell him. He leaves. Narayan vows to make him bow down in front of him soon.

No one has been able to find Ram ji till now. Anand thinks of Puranjan Kaka and runs to his house to check. Bheema recalls where Baba often goes but Bhimbai does not let him go. You will argue with him again and he will be irked. Bheema asks her why she is saying so. She reasons that he only argues with his father nowadays. Bheema says I understood your point yesterday. Bhimbai says Bala wont stop playing music. Bheema says even Baba sings because that’s his interest. Let Bhaiya also do it. He will study as well. Bhimbai points out that he is arguing with her as well but he denies. I am just explaining. Please let me go. She tells him to do as he pleases.

Mangesh and his friends notice Ram ji holding something in his hand under his gamcha. Mangesh throws a rope and shouts snake to startle Ram ji. His plan works. Musical instrument falls on the ground. Everyone laughs at him. Ram ji asks Mangesh if he has lost his mind. Is that how you behave with someone? Mangesh tells him to play the instrument to calm himself. Bhimbai watches everything in shock. Villagers ask Ram ji if he will join his son now. How else will you run the house? Pick it. Bhimbai tells Bheema your Baba is fighting to save himself and all of us from this insult but he looks dejected today. Look at your Baba! Look at the people mocking your Baba and at your Baba going through that guilt. Bheema runs up to his father. Villagers taunt Bheema next. Bheema tells them not to say such things. Ram ji supports them instead. Stop talking and become something. That will be your answer to them! Let’s go home. Villagers ask Mangesh about tea. Mangesh shouts if he should add chilli too. Everyone laughs. Bheema looks at their faces as he heads home with his Baba.

Bhimbai nods emotionally at her husband as he enters. Everyone gathers around Ram ji who walks up to Bala. Ram ji gives the musical instrument to him. Play it if that’s what you really want to do. There is no harm in it but those who play is drink alcohol. That is wrong. If you can then please don’t stop going to school. Rest you can decide. He gives the instrument to Bala. Bheema brings his brother in front of their Baba. Swear upon Baba that you will never drink alcohol in your entire life. Put the fears of our parents at bay and continue your studies as well. Bala keeps his hand on his Baba’s head. I swear I will never drink liquor in my life. I will also study as much as I can. Bheema smiles proudly at his brother.

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Telecast Date: 29th January 2020
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