Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th June 2021 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th June 2021 Sandesh was leaving Satara with stuff, he exchanged a look with Rani and then left. Rai went after him, she asked where he was going. Sandesh didn’t know his destination, he asked Rani to live the rest of her life with Bala. Rani said that she saved her for a reason, he has always aught about himself. She questioned if leaving her alone here would solve the problem, worried about the name she would be called for marrying someone as a widow and then falling in love despite being someone’s wife. Sandesh asked he she still like him. Rani was clueless about her emotions for Sandesh, she still valued Sandesh apart from all what happened. Sandesh hugged Rani asking for forgiveness, Rani said to punish him by living with each other for life. Sandesh accepted the punishment, he promised to never hurt her again. Puranjan asked them to go to their home. Ran refused to live in Satara, she proposed to leave immediately. She cannot live as someone’s criminal, its better that she leaves. Sandesh was in favor of making Bala understand rather that leaving him alone. Rani refused, as it would be hard for her to do so. She went to get her stuff. Ramji asked Sandesh to accept Rani decision.

Bala drank all the alcohol in one go. Mahesh asked if it eased him, he convinced him to drink another bottle whilst telling him his love story. Bala took the bottle and drank it. Bala recalled all the memories with Rani, he fully gulped the bottle of alcohol.
Rani while packing her stuff asked for Bala’s forgiveness as she will always stay his culprit. Bhim Rao asked Rani not to ponder on what happened between Bala, Rani and Sandesh. There are some things in life which needs to be overlooked. Rani though that one cannot forget the most precious thing in their life, but they can choose to live without them.

Bala was drunk, he asked Mahesh if he should talk to Rani or not. Mahesh wanted that Bala, Rani and Sandesh to humiliate Bhim Rao and his family. He advised Bala t convince Rani, as there was no harm in doing so. Mahesh went home. Bala fell on the grass unconscious. Rani and Sandesh were coming his way.

Sethji and Mahesh informed Maharaj that Bala was unconscious due to be being overdrunk. Maharaj wad happy. They talked about the insult Bala’s alcoholic condition would impart on the Ramji and Bhim Rao. A villager came asking for Maharaj’s help, he said that the police Captain wants to capture him. he said that he was a thief, last night he stole a gold from the temple.
Rani and Sandesh rented a ride till the station. They passed Bala without noticing him.

Sethji was shocked to hear. The man begged Maharaj to save him. Pandith scold him for robbing God’s home. Sethji and Mahesh were about to take him to the police themselves, but Maharaj asked to let them go because he came for protection. Mahesh questioned Maharaj asked everyone to leave, the ma would stay under his protection. They all left. The man praised Maharaj. Maharaj slapped the man for the crime of stealing gold form the temple because all of that belongs to Maharaj. The man handed him the gold; he sold the other one.

Everyone was worried about Bala, Meera suggested to have him found. Bhim Rao said that he wouldn’t have run away because he doesn’t know that Rani has left, what they should worry about is how he would react once he gets to know that she left. Anand wanted to find Bala. Ramji didn’t permit them to so, he said that they should let Bala return on his own will. His emotional state were not in their best place.

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Telecast Date:28th June 2021
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