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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th January 2020 Episode Start With Everyone sits down for dinner. Bhimbai asks her husband to eat but he says he is not hungry. She requests him to eat. You went so far to work and did not eat anything in the morning too. How will it work? He repeats he does not want it. Bheema looks at his father. Bala says I should leave the house if you have problem with me staying here. This way my siblings wont be able to find me ever again. Please eat something. Bheema walks up to his father. This is wrong. You tell us kids to talk when we are upset for some reason. Solutions are found when problems are discussed. Why are you quiet today? Please talk. Ram ji tells him not to become his father. Act like a kid your age. He also tells Bhimbai to go.

Bheema picks out 2 blankets from a trunk and hands one to his father. I have heard that Barristers argue in court over cases. Today we will also argue. Ram ji asks him if he will argue with him. Bheema nods. It is to find a permanent solution to this problem. He asks everyone to come. Keep all the plates aside, Ganga Didi. Ram ji asks him if this is a court. Bheema nods. Aayi is judge, Bala Bhaiya is the culprit and we are Barristers here. Everyone else is a spectator. Everyone takes their respective place as Ram ji and Bheema don the blankets like a coat. They stand facing each other.

Bheema tells his Baba to present his stance first. I will do it after you. Bhimbai asks Bheema if he will argue with his Baba. Bheema denies. One Barrister will argue with another. She tells Ganga to give dinner to everyone but Ram ji starts his argument.

Books and childhood are important for the growth of a human mind. There is no alternative for books. Tell me if you have one. Bheema says I agree that books make humans better but what is wrong in someone learning an art over books. That helps them grow as well. Someone becomes human by studying while some grow by learning an art. Ram ji says one can become a great artist but it does not necessarily make him a good human being. Bheema argues that not every educated man is a good human being. We should focus on the interests of kids. Ram ji says schools will be empty if everyone will start chasing their interests. Kids are more interested about playing games. Bheema says Bala Bhaiya is different. He went to school as well and his psssion towards music is at an altogether different level. Ram ji says this is just for namesake but Bheema says I can give you proof. He asks Bala to show his feet to everyone. They are swollen. Bhimbai panics. Bheema relates today’s incident to everyone. Even Guru ji got convinced about Bhaiya’s passion towards music. That’s what he should do.

Bhimbai sits back in her place noticing her husband’s stare. Ram ji says I highly disagree as music wont bring a change in Bala, our or our society. Only education can bring that change. We will be otherwise suffocated by the societal differences every day. Bheema says I don’t understand his words. Bhimbai offers to explain. She asks Ram ji to remove his kurta. Bheema says a Barrister cannot do it. Bhimbai nods. Now he is a witness and a father who can do anything for his kids’ sake. Without proof, you wont understand him. Ram ji is hesitant but she requests him again.

Ram ji removes his kurta. He is wearing a torn vest underneath. Bhimbai tells them to count the number of holes in his vest. He is a retired Subedar yet he wears it and saves his dignity daily somehow. I tell him to buy a new one but he says that your education is important than this. He always tells me that these holes will be filled once his kids study and become something. My three sons will get me a vest each and then he will have 3 of them. He counts his three pair of vests, kurtas and shoes and says no one will be richer than him then. She tells Bheema to look at her their sorrows along with his brother’s swelling. I would have considered you intelligent then. Look at your parents’ aspirations along with the wishes of your siblings. We are poor and helpless. Society hates us so much that we are forced to clean our footsteps. We have been forced to die in this mud! Who will pull us out of it if not you? Younger generation is responsible for the freedom of their ancestors. We will also be blessed if you will gain knowledge! We will be able to get out of this hell then. She goes out. Ram ji follows her. Bheema and Bala look at each other sadly.

Ganga, Tulsa and Manjula ask their mother to eat something but she denies. Father will think on his own; the kids will decide on their own and now daughters are summoning me to eat. I think our house has suddenly become a court. Parents will argue with parents and show proofs. How will I have hunger? Eat and give food to everyone. Meera says Bheema did argue but your worda would have also created an impact on him. They are kids. They will learn with time. Please eat something. Bhimbai stays put. Give dinner to your brother as well. Let me sleep. Meera takes everyone inside.

Bhimbai’s words echo in Bheema’s head. Bala and Anand join him. Baba did not say anything afterwards. I don’t know if he has agreed with your point or not. Bala says Baba may or may not agree but I cannot forget that you tried to explain things to Baba even after being younger to me. I would not have been able to do it ever. You think so much about everyone. Bheema says Ma was right. We need to study to pull everyone out of this marsh. I am not telling you to stop playing music but you must also study. You can earn money by playing music but you will earn respect only by studying. Do both. Anand seconds him. Manjula asks Bheema why he had to argue with Baba. He hadn’t eaten anything since morning and he left home empty stomach. Now even Aayi is not eating. Tulsa and Manjula blame Bala for everything.

Bala notices his father sitting in a corner and goes to him. He is holding a plate of food. Please eat something. You think I am wrong because you like books. I agree that you and Aayi are right but I don’t like our poverty. I cannot see you both in problem.

Bheema requests his mother to wake up and eat something. I am sorry if I made a mistake but please eat something. We wont say anything in future if our point of view upsets you so much. She shrugs his hand away.

Bala requests his Baba to eat something. Bheema’s words echo in Ram ji’s mind. He eats from Bala’s hand. Anand, Tulsa and Manjula smile seeing them thus.

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