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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th May 2021 Mangesh disturbingly informs Maharaj that the teacher’s dead body is not where he left it. He has checked his house as well; the villagers will be concerned about his sudden disappearance. Sethji was confused and worried. Maharaj was of the view, that a wild animal might have eaten him up. Meanwhile the teachers came for the gathering, Maharaj showed his disappointment and concern for Guru ji who defied them yesterday for Bhim Rao has went missing. Sethji and Mangesh stressed over Bhim Rao being responsible for this loss.

The teachers agreed. Sethji saw Bhim Rao, Anand and Gopal passing by everyone went to them. Gopal was ready to stone anyone who was against Bhim Rao’s education, he even warned Mangesh. Maharaj told Bhim Rao of Guru ji’s ignorance because of Bhim Rao, his decision to go against Dharam has cost him his life. Gopal asked what happened to him, he said that did a snake bit him. Everyone was astonished. Another teacher said that they were not sure of what happened to them, but until the teacher is not found Bhim Rao can not study in any school. Guruji came, Bhim Rao took his blessings.

Maharaj remarked Guruji for having one sided opinion. Guruji said that he believes in their God, he is omnipotent and absolute. Bhim Rao questioned him that if their God had an eye on them why he hasn’t punished them yet. Guruji replied that if he weren’t present, his teacher whom they left near the bank of the river would have died. Guruji called the teacher, he was well and fine. Maharaj and his companions were surprised to see him. he told that while coming back from his journey he saw his body. He went and investigated to find him being bitten by a snake, he took him to Vade ji. Vade ji cured him overnight, Bhim Rao was saved from being accused of a murder.

Puranjan went to inform Ramji about the incident. He told him that Guruji saved Bhim Rao from being subjected to a murder. Meera was thankful to Guruji otherwise Bhim Rao would have been traumatized. Ramji was proud of having Guruji in Bhim Rao’s life.

Guruji said that Maharaj and his companion deserve punishment for their actions. The teacher complied to teach Bhim Rao despite all that happened to him. he asked Bhim Rao to go to school, he and Guruji will teach him. They all left. Maharaj was furious.

Ramji asked for work from a Sethji for him and Sandesh. The Sethji refused to give them work, he has heard about his past incidents. Sethji didn’t want to trouble his work or himself, hence he refused to give them a job at his place asking them to leave.

Guruji said that Maharaj would be afraid of Bhim Rao, he must be thinking that the God supported Bhim Rao instead of him.

Maharaj was complaining to the God for supporting Bhim Rao, instead of being in favor of someone who is protecting his Dharam. Maharaj questioned why the God favored Bhim Rao. For the first time in his life, he was afraid of Bhim Rao.

Guruji congratulated Bhim Rao, Maharaj’s fear for Bhim Rao is his first victory. The teacher took a leave, he was to go to the school. He asked Anand and Bhim Rao to come as well.

Maharaj said not to indulge in a war with Bhim Rao, he will wait till his temple is construed. After its inauguration, he will leave Satara. Mangesh came to inform about Rani’s return to Satara. Maharaj complained about having lazy worker, having nothing of their own. He asked Mangesh to fight his wars on his own, just like Bhim Rao. He asked Mangesh to inform the villagers that Maharaj is going for a long prayer.

Bhim Rao thanked Guruji for being there, otherwise he was clueless of the entire situation. Guru ji asked Bhim Rao the reason of his presence. Anand answered it being Bhim Rao good fate. Bhim Rao replied, he said that there is a connection, there is an intuition that makes them understand them their need. Guruji agreed but sad that it was because of Bhim Rao right path. He asked Bhim Rao to never be afraid of any situation in his life, he must fight it with bravery and valor.

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