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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th January 2021 Bhimbai calls out to Bhima. He runs to her and then looks at the ashes in confusion. You are not my aayi. She cups his face. The one who died was an ill woman. She had to die and leave you. It is Bhima’s Aayi in front of you now. She will neither leave you nor will she ever die. What are you thinking? She asks him if that can happen. He asks her if she will stay with him forever. She promises him. Bhima hugs her. Let’s go home. Everyone is waiting for you. She refuses. I came back only for you, not for others. Don’t take me home. Let’s sit here and tlak. He asks her why she wont sit with family. Let’s go. She says I will go if you will ask me so many questions. He agrees not to ask too many questions and hugs her. Please don’t leave me. She nods and sits down. Don’t cry so much. You don’t look good when you cry. He says I will cry as you left me. She requests him to laugh a little. He says how I can do it suddenly. She tickles him to make him smile.

Ram ji, Bala and Anand are looking for Bhima. They see Bhima talking to no one and are puzzled. Ram ji asks him who he is speaking to. Bhima says Aayi. Anand says we cannot see anyone. Bhima says she is right here. Bhimbai tells Bhima that she came here only for him. I will come when you will need me. Don’t cry till then. He agrees. Ram ji is sure Bhima might be able to see Bhimbai as he is very sensitive. They take Bhima home. Bhimbai smiles at Bhima as he looks back.

Next morning, Bhima wakes up and says Aayi. He recalls what she had told him last night. He cries. I need you all the time. I need you now as well. Who will tell me to wake up and get ready for school as you aren’t here? He wipes his tears. Bala tells Bhima to get up and get ready or he might get late. He wakes up his siblings as well. Ram ji has made tea for everyone. Ganga tells him not to do it. I will do it. She gives tea to everyone and gives milk to Bhima. Puranjan comes there. Ram ji offers him tea. Puranjan tells him to have it but Ram ji gives it to him. Bhima is missing his Aayi. He goes inside sadly. Bhima is sitting by the window. Why will you come only when I would need you? I need you right now as well. Everything looks shallow without you. Don’t come just when I need you! Be around us all the time like before.

Ram ji offers to cook lunch. Ganga says I will do it but he reasons that she wont stay here for long. I must get used to it. Manjula says we will do it. Ram ji denies. These duties are of the father after the death of his wife. Cut the veggies. I will cook it. Puranjan asks him till when he will do it. Ram ji shrugs. I am their Baba and Aayi now. He goes inside. Puranjan says no Baba can take the place of Aayi in the lives of kids. He suggests Meera to speak to Ram ji about his second marriage. The house will fall apart otherwise. Meera reasons that the wound is still fresh. It will take some time. you need to wait for the right time for things to work out.

Ganga is helping her Baba in kitchen. He tells her to hurry up. I have to go to work. She assures him she can handle it but he knows her responsibilities. We will have to do it once you go back to your house. She becomes emotional. You used to scold Aayi whenever you were in a rush to go to work. Aayi used to say that it is easier for men to scream from outside but they will be lost in a maze if you will ask them to come to the kitchen and find something. She cries. Nothing feels good without Aayi.

Mangesh announces that he will give tea to everyone for free today. sakpal family looks at them. Dhansukhlal asks him what the special occasion is. Mangesh says it is my Aayi’s birthday today. I am lucky that she is sstill around. Dhansukhlal says those kids are very unfortunate whose Aayi leaves them. The kids, whose Aayi leaves them when they are very young, are sinners. Ram ji tells Bhima not to focus on their words. Dhansukhlal says not everyone is as lucky. Pundit ji seconds him. People will good karmas are enjoying the 93rd birthday of their mother and people will bad karmas are mourning their mother’s loss. Few people from the school come to inform Sakpal Family that he has topped in his exams. The bhoj is tonight. Mangesh throws a pot angrily. How will he go to a Bhoj as he has lost his Aayi recently?

The guy says I have explained the entire sisutation in school and have refused on your behalf. Ram ji says he will surely go. Bhima denies. Ram ji reminds him that Bhimbai wanted to attend this bhoj. Remember what she said? He rues that she also said she will come along. How will I go if she wont? Meera says I am not your Aayi but I have a right on you too. You must go. Bala says we too have a right on you. I want you to go there. Villagers from their community say we are also pained at your loss but you must go. Few people think that people only mourn when they lose their Aayi. They should also understand that very few people get a kid like Bhima. Let them be happy with their thoughts. We will be content with ours. Our pain will be soothed after seeing you with your trophy. Bhima looks around. Why aren’t you around Aayi? Don’t you think you should be here right now?

Ram ji tells Bhima to make preps for the bhoj. The pain of losing Aayi and topping your exams has come together. Bhima thinks of everyone’s wish around him going to bhoj. Villagers offer to go as well. We will see him receiving his trophy.

Dhansukhlal, Mangesh and Pundit ji taunt them.

Puranjan addresses the fellow villagers. We will go there to fulfil Bhimbai’s wish. Bhima wont feel alone and most importantly, our enemies think that Bhima and Ram ji have become weak since Bhimbai has left. We have to show them that we wont let Bhima and Ram ji fall become weak at any cost!

Meera says I think I should start walking a few steps too. Please make a support for me. Ram ji tells everyone that they must move on from this pain to help Bhima move on. Epi ends on Bhima’s sad face.

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