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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th January 2020 Episode Start With Bala, Anand and Bheema are headed to school but Bala stops in his tracks. Anand asks him why he stopped. Bala says what the point of going to school is when I am not even remotely interested in studies. Bheema requests him to come for now. We will be able to speak to Baba later on about your choice. Anand seconds him. Let Baba calm down. Bheema notices his Guru ji and runs up to him. I am in a fix. Bhaiya and Baba are on opposite sides. Who should I choose? Baba gets hurt when I support Bhaiya. I overheard him telling Puranjan Kaka that I don’t understand him. He was very sad. It hurts me to see him sad. Sometimes I feel like I should tell Bhaiya to speak to Baba and sometimes I feel I should speak to Baba to understand Bhaiya’s point of view. What should I do? Bala tells him he is speaking to a teacher who will support studies only. How will he understand my passion towards music? I don’t think of anything when I am playing instruments! Guru ji says I have a way to test what’s right and what’s wrong. He asks them to come with him.

Bhimbai tells Puranjan to tell her husband to understand. Bala did go to school after all. He (Ram ji) too should go to work. Puranjan agrees. Your kids are smart enough. They wont do anything wrong. Ram ji says try to understand my problem as well. Bala is the eldest kid. All other kids will follow his example if he wont study anymore. Someone comes to deliver stuff from Ganga’s family. Ganga introduces him as her BIL who lives in the neighborhood. She looks awkwardly at him. Ram ji welcomes him and Ganga goes to make tea. Ram ji tells him to tell Ganga’s husband to take leave sometime and come over. Ganga brings water for him. Ram ji leaves for work. Bhimbai goes to make tea. The guy tells Ganga he needs to speak to her. She tells him not to create drama here. He suggests going outside but she refuses. He warns her of the consequences. Bhimbai gives him jaggery. Ganga and the guy look at each other.

Gruu ji brings all 3 brothers to an open field and tells Bala to run there for an hour. Show us how passionate you are! Bheema asks him how this will help. Guru ji says it is Bala’s test today. It isn’t important that Bala loves instruments just as much as you love books. One needs to have passion in his field. I know you will accept all my conditions because you love books. I have to see if Bala will accept and fulfil it or not. Bala says I accept your condition and I will fulfill it too. Guru ji digs a stick on the ground for Bala. Start now. Bala gives his bag to Anand and starts running. Guru ji tells Bheema that if Bala wins today then it will prove that his love for instruments is true. You too shouldn’t have be in any dilemma about right and wrong anymore then.

Bala keeps running thinking of all the incidents / times he had to fight with people to play music. Bheema, Anand and Guru ji look on.

Narayan is in school. He bothered by Bheema’s challenges when Principal walks in. Narayan says I had an argument with a kid from your school. All 3 of them are very impolite. Please throw them out of the school! He gives him a gold ring. Principal recalls Bheema’s challenge. You wouldn’t have tried to throw them out of the school on the basis of this ring had those brothers been actually impolite. Looking at your attitude it seems you have never gone to school in your life! You are the one who is impolite. Narayan gets miffed. You are a simple Principal yet you speak so much? Principal asks him to stand up and slaps him. This is to remind you how important it is to study to be humble / ground. Do send your son to school or he will end up like you! Go and sell jewellery. Narayan leaves in a huff but vows to each both Bheema and Principal a lesson.

Anand keeps encouraging Bala to keep running. Bala gets tired. Guru ji tells him that he still has 5 minutes left. Bala runs slowly but does not give up. His arguments with his father push him to keep going. He falls next to his brothers and tells Guru ji he has run for the exact said time. Guru ji nods. Anand and Bheema help their brother. Bala asks Guru ji if he understands his passion towards instruments now. Guru ji says being a teacher I cannot ignore the importance of studies but it is also true that one shouldn’t do what they don’t enjoy doing. He tells Bheema that Bala is interested in music. Don’t stop someone from pursuing what they love. Bheema asks him what they should do. Guru ji says let him play. Let him study to his heart’s content. Don’t push him for more. There are many other ways to earn money than study and play music. Bheema nods. Bala, Anand and Bheema leave. Guru ji thinks Bala is equally passionate like Bheema. Maybe he will rock in his field as well.

The guy tells Ganga he does not want to argue with her. Bhai wants you to come back asap or the consequences wont be good. Ganga tells him she wont come back. You can tell him this. She turns and finds herself facing Bhimbai and Meera. Bhimbai asks Ganga if this will sort things out. Ganga stays put. Meera tells the guy they will speak to Ganga and send her home in a few days. He leaves.

Ganga insists she wont go. Bhimbai tells her to understand. Ganga says he stays out of the house every night; drinks daily and shouts on me if I say anything. I am tired of this daily fight. I will stay here only. Bhimbai reasons this wont solve anything. What about your kids? Ganga says they are his kids too. Let him understand what responsibility is. Entire family is fed up of him. Meera says one should talk and sort things out. Ganga says we tried already but nothing worked. Maybe this will work! Bhimbai asks her if she will live separately from him for forever. Meera says I will slap you. A woman has no life without a man. Ganga says it should be equally applicable on men but they just don’t understand. She walks away teary eyed. Meera is in tears. Ganga cannot understand what I am saying.

Anand and Bheema are pained to see Bala’s wounded feet. Bala is in tears. You don’t know how I sat in the classroom today. they tell him to bear it for some time. We cannot show it to everyone. Do you remember how Baba’s words had motivated me when I fell during the race? A guy from music troupe tells Bala to follow his passion. Why are you trying to go to school when you don’t even like it? Kartik threw you out of the troupe because of your antics or you had started playing really well. Bheema tells him of Bala’s test today. The guy says Bala’s Baba wont agree. Lot many kids run away from their house like you as their parents don’t agree but they do get convinced later on. You too should run away! Bheema disagrees. The guy says he has to go just a few miles away. He will be paid well also. Come back when Baba agrees. Running in front of Guru ji wont help. His Baba wont agree. Bheema is sure he will but Bala counters him. Bheema says everyone loves you so much. They will be devastated to see you go. Anand asks him who will speak to Baba and answer his questions. Bheema offers to do it. We will find a way! He tells the guy not to advise his brother to run away afterwards. He leaves with his brothers. Narayan comes there. Bala dint agree to flee which is okay but if Bheema convinces his father then Bala will be on our side for forever. This is what we want after all!

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Telecast Date: 27th January 2020
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