Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th May 2022 episode begins with Bala denied asking for permission. Bhim Rao called it theft, refused to take it.

Bala’s colleague confronted Bala. He explained that he only intended to help the poor ones get their homes back. He warned Bala, said that he put his job in danger. The man left. Bhim Rao was upset. Bala said that it was the only way for him to help Bhim Rao. He didn’t care about the job, would tell the owner about his caste.

Puhan went to confront Sethji. He attacked them. Joshi, Varchand and Sethji fought back. They outnumbered Puhan. He was miserably beaten.

The officer decided to inform the officials about it. Bala came in. The officer refused to listen to him. Bala wasn’t here to explain himself but tell that he also belonged to the lower caste.

The official was shocked to know that Bala was Bhim Rao’s brother. Bhim Rao came and asked the official to show him the file. The officer rejected his demand. Bhim Rao emphasized as he had the right. Barrister came in Bhim Rai’s support or otherwise he might lose his job. The officer handed Bhim Rao the file.

At night, everyone was waiting for Puhan to return. They had searched the entire place but couldn’t find him. Bala and Bhim Rao came. Ramji stopped him, asked why Bala was here. Bhim Rao requested Ramji to let Bala stay here.

He told everyone truth about his caste, and help get him the papers that would help them win the case. Bhim Rao asked Rama to prepare meal for Bala as well. Hitesh taunted them for caring about Bala more than Puhan. Bhim Rao inquired, he and Bala left to find Puhan. Bala was excited to accompany him, revived his childhood memories.

Next morning, people lifted Puhan’s dead body from the river. According to them Puhan committed suicide. Hitesh recalled Sethji and Joshi’s plan against Puhan. Puranjan wondered why he took his life rather than raking revenge. The found a letter from Puhan’s letter. Bhim Rao read that he lost his war, no one would be able to win this war so it’s better for everyone to find different path and work their way out,

This letter was written by Sethji. Varchand said that Bhim Rao would ponder on the fact that Puhan didn’t know how to read and write. To cover that up Sethji wrote that in order for Puhan had this letter written by someone. Hitesh and Joku discussed how they would lose their lives in this war.

Bhim Rao asked them to be quiet. Joshi, Varchand and Sethji came. They mocked Bhim Rao, said that the fight must never stop so that everyone would die. They brought flowers for Puhan’s final rites. They threw the flowers at him. Varchand asked Bhim Rao that how many people he would kill for himself. Rama told the letter. Read it, brought Bhim Rao aside.

She refused to believe that Puhan committed suicide. Firstly, he didn’t know who write. Secondly, whoever wrote this paper knew that Puhan was about to die. That person should have informed Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao pondered, he was ready to investigate the matter.

Hitesh went after Sethji. He confronted them for killing Puhan. They laughed at him. Hitesh cried out, said that Puhan was innocent, they shouldn’t have killed him. Joshi kicked him, reminded Hitesh was of his place. Sethji said that Hitesh was lucky to not be at Bhim Rao’s side or he would have died too. They left to see cricket.

Rama and Bhim Rao went to Varchand’s wife. They asked her to show them Varchand’s handwriting. She gave them a letter. It wasn’t Varchand’s writing on the letter they found in Puhan’s pocket. Bhim Rao was familiar with Joshi’s handwriting as well. They suspected it to be Sethji’s but didn’t have anything to confirm it.

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