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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th May 2021 Ramji asked Maharaj to answer Gopal’s question. The teacher said that its God, the one who created everything. Gopal questioned about the Dharam of a hummingbird and the God if it’s the creation of the same world. Maharaj angrily silenced Gopal. Bhim Rao spoke the Gopal is the same person Maharaj chose as a representor, the one considered very intelligent. Anand followed that Gopal’s question must be answered. Puranjan said that until Maharaj does not answer the question they will not leave.

Gopal asked Bhim Rao to continue study. Sethji replied that Prabhu is hummingbirds Dharam, Gopal denied. Maharaj answered that the hummingbird’s Dharam is chirping. Gopal approved , everyone applauded. Gopal and Bhim Rao asked Dharam’s of a teacher, everyone stayed silent. Ramji replied that a teachers Dharam is to teach the students. A teacher stood up agreeing to Gopal, he said that sitting in this gathering will be against hi Dharam. Mangesh furiously asked the teacher’s audacity to go against Maharaj’s order. Gopal threw a stone on Mangesh, for his nonsense. The teacher told Bhim Rao and Anand to come to school tomorrow.

Rani said that it was in her destiny to come in this house. Sandesh asked why she insisted to pay rent, how will they manage. Rani didn’t want anyone to help in making their life, she said to work together as earn the best they can to leave together. They have fought against the society, married each other, and have survived this long. Above all, Ramji’s family will not trouble them. Sandesh agreed as Rani has always talked well of them.

Bhim Rao told Gopal that him stoning someone was not ethical. Gopal replied that he couldn’t take his nonsense, nevertheless his aim is excellent. Gopal’s mother came in asking if he used to stone fruits in his childhood. Bhim Rao asked Gopal. His mother asked whether a Gardner caught him once and as punishment kept him locked for one whole day. After a little thinking Gopal answered that if he someone every caught he would have stoned him as well. Gopal’s mother left disappointed; Tulsa comforted her asking her not to lose hope.

The teacher promised to go to school from tomorrow, he lied down on his bed. Mangesh looked over from the window, he went to inform Maharaj. Maharaj gave him a snake to leave it lose in the teacher’s house as a punishment to leave the gathering.

Mangesh released the snake. Maharaj and his companion giggled hearing the teacher’ cry. Mangesh came over, he succeeded. Maharaj asked them to hide the corpse. He wanted the villagers to be aware of the severances of defying the importance of Dharam and sovereign. The villagers will contemplate his death as a punishment given from the divine, it will stop Bhim Rao from rising. He asked them to throw the corpse in a river. Asking Sethji and Mangesh to stay here Maharaj took Pandit with him, he had to something to discuss with them. Sethji as mad or being let behind, Mangesh cooled him that it as their Dharam.

Mangesh and Sethji left the corpse on the river and ran away.

Bala looked at Rani as she cooked, he recalled their past conversations.

Mangesh and Sethji crossing by recognized Rani. Sethji wanted to meet her, Mangesh stopped him fearing Bala.

Everyone was preparing bed, Bhim Rao inquired Bala’s tension. Bala silently laid down. Ramji understood why Bala was upset, he ought to talk to him regarding Rani and his affection or her.

Gopal didn’t want to sleep. His mother said that she has been trying to make him fall asleep for hours. Bala scolded Gopal for not listening. Ramji asked Bala to understand the situation despite his tensions. Bhim Rao asked Gopal’s mother to leave, he will sleep with Gopal tonight. Gopal happily agreed. Bhim Rao sat beside Gopal as he slept. Looking at their bonding, Gopal’s mother was of the view of them being brothers in the life before. Meera asked her to rest in the corner room, she left. Gopal asked Bhim Rao that he will go to school with him tomorrow and stone anyone who will misbehave, he insisted Bhim Rao to agree or else he will not sleep. Bhim Rao agreed.

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