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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th August 2020 Meera and Bhimbai are still in the school looking after the fire when they see Bhima, Ram ji coming with everyone else. Meera tells Bhimbai her son is leading them like a politician. Bhimbai says he isn’t a politician but a warrior. This is what his Baba and I want. Everyone is holding a piece of log in their hands. The same kid keeps the first log in the fire. Villagers tell Bhima this fire wont stop now. We will add sticks in it one by one. We vow to keep this burning inside each one of us. We will spread the word in all the neighboring villages. Dhansukhlal reminds them of their loan. One guy replies that they aren’t sending their kids to school like he said. Dhansukhlal asks him if he wants to play smart. Be ready to pay debts as per the records. Ram ji tells him not to threaten them. You can snatch everything from us except our right to live. Dhansukhlal tells the villagers to show them what they are capable of. Both the sides pick up their sticks when Bhima shouts against it. This wont help at all. If this happens then I will douse this fire on my own. The path of hope is formed with knowledge and faith. Ambedkar Guru ji tells Dhansukhlal that one can only be abused till the point the other person can take it. If you break that limit, then you will face the consequences. Dhansukhlal tells the villagers to be ready. I wont spare you unless you pay my dues. He leaves with his gang.

Bhima thanks the villagers. They decide to find a way to help Bhima study further. Ram ji tells Bhimbai to cook food for everyone. We will eat together. She nods.

Dhruv comes to his home when Dhansukhlal is away. He gets inside through the window. I will destroy the account book as soon as I find it. I will see how he will ask for it then.

Dhansukhlal tells Mangesh to approach police captain. I want everyone to pay their dues today or they should be put in jail. Mangesh calls this complicated but Dhansukhlal gives him money to give to police captain as bribe. I have nothing else to do but show those low-class people their right place. Mangesh nods. Dhruv overhears them. Dhansukhlal is heading towards the main door. Dhruv finds the book in his father’s locker. He hides by the time Dhansukhlal opens the door. Now I will show everyone what I can do! Bhima wants to be their leader, but they will start hating them very soon.

Everyone sits down to eat. Bhimbai is about to feed Bhima but he gives it first to the kid who hasn’t eaten from the past 3 days. Everyone looks at Bhima proudly. Bhima smiles as the kid takes the first bite.

Bhima says it is a different thing to raise hope and it is an altogether different thing to send kids from our community to school. Guru ji says we cannot pressurize the government till the time we have a handful of kids who are ready to study. Our voice wont be heard right now. Ram ji agrees. The number of voices should be stronger to raise a voice in the first place. One villager suggests that they should focus on repaying the debt of those who have kids who want to study. Another guy nods in support. We will do the same thing in the neighboring villages and the Seth would be helpless then. The kids clap. Dhruv tells Bhima that he has lit the same fire in everyone else now. Bhima is positive this will make education available for all. Ram ji asks everyone to go home now. They leave. Ram ji sends everyone else home with Bhimbai. Dhruv decides to stay back as well. Bhima pats his head cutely. Everyone smiles. Ram ji requests Guru ji to go home and rest as well. Guru ji leaves.

Bhima and Dhruv have put their heads in the lap of Ram ji and are asleep. Dhruv wakes up in the middle of the night and takes out the account book. He burns the pages.

Next morning, Dhansukhlal calls them thieves. Wake up! Ram ji tells him to mind his words. Dhansukhlal complains that he cannot find his account book. Dhruv taunts him that this is what Aayi used to speak about sins. Dhansukhlal tells him to be quiet. Mangesh comes there with police captain just then. Dhruv tells him that Seth ji has lost his account book. Now how will he figure out who owes him what. Villagers come to return their debts to Seth ji just then. We have brought the interest money as well. you kept the condition that we cannot send our kids to school till the time we pay you back. Dhruv says how will he remember the amount when he does not remember his kid or wife in the first place. Pay whatever you want to. Dhansukhlal says this isn’t alms. He asks police captain to get him his every penny back. Police captain says how will I ask for it when no one remembers anything. Bhima says I have made a note of it.

Flashback shows Bhima waking up last night. He takes out the account book and copies the information while Dhruv is asleep.

Bhima gives it to Dhansukhlal. This is the correct amount. You can take your money from these villagers as per this list. Dhansukhlal tells police captain to arrest these thieves. Ram ji reasons that he wouldn’t have written it if he was a thief. Villagers return the money to Dhansukhlal. Villagers tell Bhima they will visit other villages now. We will convince the parents to send their kids. You must find out a way to get them inside the school. They excuse themselves.

Bhima tells Dhansukhlal to find another way to stop him. I want this battle to be very strong. No one should dare to stop a student in future. If they do, they can give example of our fight and continue with their education. Dhansukhlal makes Mangesh pick the money. Mangesh picks it up using a piece of cloth and they leave. Ambedkar ji joins Ram ji, Bhima and Dhruv.

Ram ji asks Bhima about Seth’s account book. Who stole it? How did you find it? Dhruv reluctantly admits stealing it. I don’t know how Bhima found it. Ram ji explains that they should not oppose wrong with wrong. Two wrongs put together only make it worse. It makes the battle weak. Bhima adds that truth does not need a lie. It finds a way on its own. Guru ji agrees. Truth may waver for some time but it wins in the end.

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