Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th May 2022 episode Varchand’s wife brings a cart full of essentials. She told Bhim Rao that she has arranged a place for him to live. Bhim Rao asked why she did so.

She didn’t want to be held responsible for her husband’s mistake. Varchand threatened both Bhim Rao and his wife, he left. Ramji asked Bhim Rao to get the stay order. Rama and Lakshmi went to their work. Varchand’s wife took them to arrange for their living.

Joshi was sure that Bhim Rao would get the stay order. Varchand agreed. Sethji said that they have to mend their ways to torture Bhim Rao and his cast members.

Bhim Rao asked his Barrister to get a stay order. He had already brought that for Bhim Rao. Barrister told that it was his first case he ever lost Bhim Rao gave him hope, said that he had fighting such cases his entire life. He fights them every day with the hope that he would accomplish one day.

Bhim Rao was thankful to him. Maharaj’s men came to question Bhim Rao for not attending college. Bhim Rao explained his issue. Mahraja’s men had already given Bhim Rao a warning. Barrister asked the men to sort the matter outside his office. Bhim Rao apologised and left.

Rama and Lakshmi came to their work. The manager inquired if she was Bhim Rao’s wife. He asked why they were late. Rama apologized for being late but requested him not to drag his family member in the matter. The manager inquired why they were late. Rama informed that they were oust form their homes by a cruel Sethji.

The manager showed sympathy, said that no one should be treated like that. Meanwhile, the Sethji came. He and the manager knew each other. Sethji asked the manager to fire Rama and Lakshmi. The manager questioned. Rama informed that he was the same Sethji who ousted them.

Rama stood there wanted to know the manager’s decision who was sympathizing with their situation. Sethji told that the manager was his friend for a decade. He wont deny his wish. Sethji wanted Rama and Lakshmi to be fired. The manager asked him to let go the lower caste; they must go and have tea. Sethji refused, said that Rama and Lakshmi must be thrown out right now.

The manager refused; he won’t let Sethji do injustice to the lower caste. Sethji questioned him for breaking off his friendship with him for lower caste. He taunted the manager for having lower caste’s blood in his vein. Sethji left. Rama was thankful to him for supporting them.

Maharaj’s men asked Bhim Rao to distinguish between the ones helping him and the ones who asked him to leave. They told that Maharaj would come to rescue, nobody else.

Barrister heard the conversation. He wanted Bhim Rao to handle his issues himself, only then would he be prepared to face the bigger world. He didn’t support Bhim Rao for the same reason.

Joshi was anxious, didn’t know why everyone listens to Bhim Rao every time. Varchand questioned. Joshi told that the Barrister brought him the stay order. Varchand asked him not to worry, they have order tactics to trouble Bhim Rao which would be siffcient enough to make him leave. Sethji came questioning his friend’s decision. He told Varchand that his decade old friends broke their friendship because of Rama and Lakshmi. Sethji wanted to avenge them.

Everyone built a tent to live inn. Bhim Rao was thankful to Varchand’s wife for helping them. She did what she was capable for. She credited Bhim Rao for her confidence to do so. Everyone was thankful to her. She left. Puranjan asked Bhim Rao about the stay order. Puranjan showed everyone that Bhim Rao got them the stay order to live here and strive for their right. He asked everyone to clap for Bhim Rao.

Everyone who supported him clapped for Bhim Rao. A man started crying. Bhim Rao inquired. He was crying because his mother lied to him. She used to tell that his son was a prince while in reality he was a reality who was most vulnerable, Bhim Rao comforted him, said that she was just protecting him. For a mother every son is a prince.

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