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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th March 2021 Bhima requests police captain to take Bala as well. He was also involved in the robbery. He did support the truth and helped law. You can follow your procedure. That is justice. Police captain says I have heard such things from someone for the first time. People generally cook lies to save their loved ones. Bhima reasons that everyone should be treated justly. Everyone from all the religions should stand with justice. That’s how it will win. Bala agrees with his brother. Please take me Sir. He promises Bhima he wont commit any crime intentionally in life. I thank you. I am not thinking my younger brother Bhima but to the Bhima who you are. I felt guilty when I thought of you and I could save myself in time. Thank you, Bhima. Police takes Mangesh, those 2 boys and Bala with them. Bala keeps looking back at his brothers while walking away.

Bhima sits down on the ground helplessly and cries. Anand wipes his tears and comforts Bhima. Don’t cry. Puranjan says he has a heart so it is ok. Guru ji says he will have to become stone hearted. The longest battle of this world is of justice. He should be proud of treating his brother and a criminal equally. People generally fall weak in such times. He is not weak at all! Bhima asks him if he shouldn’t feel the pain behind his brother getting taken away. Should I not cry? Guru ji denies. Bala chose to go with police. We should respect his intentions. Things turn ugly when we don’t respect the intentions. A person could have turned into a criminal in future but it dint happen. The intention here is of satisfaction. Go home and study for your exams. Bhima heads home with Anand and Puranjan.

Jijabai notices a kid sleeping in Ram ji’s cot and wakes him up. Who are you? How did you come here? The kid says he brought me here. I don’t know his name. She asks him to get down. Who brought you here? He shares that he approached a man for food. He gave food to me and brought me here to sleep. I will leave asap. She demands to know who he is. He shares that he has lost his mother and his father ran away. Ram ji says you can call him Bhima in a way. Don’t think of him as Bhima though as you will start thinking of shooing him from this house. He will stay in this house from now onwards. He gives milk to the kids and tells Jijabai to make tea for him. The kid refuses. Why are you two fighting with each other? Ram ji tells him to stay here. I too have a son like you and I am like that father to him who has run away. I will think of it as penitence if you will stay here. Have milk. The kid refuses but Ram ji gives him his Baba’s swear. The kid accepts the glass. Ram ji tells him not to go anywhere. You will stay in this house from now! Jijabai heads inside angrily.

Bhima thinks of Guru ji’s words while studying. Anand asks him what he is thinking. Bhima says the copy is full. I don’t have another copy. Baba would have given money to buy a new one if he was here. Anand says he does not stay with us anymore. How will you study without notebook? Bhima says we will manage. We study from the heart. Books and pens are just the medium. Manjula brings tea and milk for them. Bhima says I will drink milk inside and study. Meera nods.

Jijabai fumes while tidying the bed. He does not want his own kid but he can bring random kids home. Ram ji says I wont Bhima like you said. The kid outside is like my son. I will treat him just like Bhima. I will be at peace this way. I will think of it as my penitence. You should not stop me from doing this. Please understand my pain. I have to ease out my pain somehow. Don’t speak to the kid if you don’t want to but don’t trouble him. This is a request, not an order. She drops the matter for now to save the situation. I will make food. She goes. Ram ji thinks parents often want to be considered as idols by their kids. I could not manage to do it Bhima. I might be able to gain that respect yet again by doing all this.

Dhansukhlal thinks of the entire incident. Is this the result of my karmas? I stole Bhima’s money from the postman the other day. Someone stole my money now. I considered Mangesh my friend and he tried to steal my money. On the other hand there is Bhima. I troubled him for so many years yet he returned me my money. He sent his own brother to jail! I don’t know how to look at whom.

Bhima is pouring milk back in the container when Anand stops him. I had a doubt since yesterday but I caught you red handed today. I know you so well that I can guess your next moves easily. Bhima asks him if it is wrong to save a little milk. Anand denies. Why will you do it alone though? He calls everyone inside and tells them what Bhima has been doing. He does this so we can have more tea. Meera says I was thinking of this yesterday too. I should have guessed it is Bhima! Tulsa says even I wont drink tea from tomorrow. Anand says no one will. Bhima thinks poverty snatches a lot many things, including a cup of tea or milk. I will remember this my entire life. I will also remember that one must fight poverty along with other battles too. We must win at any cost!

The beggar and Pundit ji are walking around town collecting donations for Maharaj’s temple. Villagers donate money even if they have to cut down their own expenses. A man is offering his share when his son stops him. He asks Pundit ji till when will they collect donations. Pundit ji says till the time it is enough to build the temple. The kid requests his Baba to donate money later. I need books first. Please give me this money. Bhima looks on. Pundit ji says who donates first is also considered while making a donation. It shows how big their heart is. The bigger the heart, the sooner God will bless him. The kid asks his Baba how he will study. His Baba reprimands him to think of God first. His son suggests him to donate later but his father tells him that donation is much more important. Fold your hands now. He complies. Pundit ji blesses the man and leaves. Bhima stops the man. I wanted to stop you from donating and tell you to buy your son books first. I knew that you wont stop though. I don’t have money to buy books but you do yet you fail is buying it for your son. The man says one can only study when God and temple will be there. Bhima says you must think what is right for your son then. It isn’t only about your son’s future but also about the future of the entire society. Should one make a temple for people like Maharaj or grow up to be an independent person?

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