Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th December 2021 episode Bhim Rao talked to Guruji about his distorted state, he lost himself. Guruji comforted him, Bhim Rao had a long race to run. Bhim Rao wanted a job at all costs, of any type. Joshi mocked Bhim Rao. Guruji got furious. Bhim Rao was ready to work. Joshi asked Bhim Rao to visit his home at 9 o clock tomorrow. He will conduct an interview and appoint Bhim Rao.

Daliya amma’s son rushed, informed the neighborhood about the fire which burned the factory. Everyone went for their children. Rama and Bhim Rao were informed as well.

Children were being brought out of the fire. People found Pushpa and Deepak. Rama couldn’t find Shankar. Rama wanted to search him in fire. Shankar ran towards them but heard Lakshmi and Jijabai who wanted Shankar to be alive because he was burden for Bhim Rao. Shankar decided to vanish so to ease Rama and Bhim Rao’s lives. Bhim Rao went to search.

At night a woman was crying for her son. Rama was in pain, waiting for Bhim Rao. Phuliya comforted her. Bhim Rao came empty hand. He consoled Rama. She blamed herself, since she was the one who sent him to factory. Rama went inside.

Hitesh informed Joshi about the fire. Joshi worried that Bhim Rao wouldn’t come tomorrow. Guruji intervened, assured that Bhim Rao wouldn’t miss the appointment. Joshi wasn’t impressed, said that lower caste were victims of all tragic accidents.

Bhim Rao comforted Rama. He blamed himself, Shankar wouldn’t have been sent to work If Bhim Rao had a job. He went to arrange dinner for Rama.

Lakshmi and Jijabai called everyone for dinner. Ramji questioned Jijabai’s ruthless behavior. Lakshmi asked them to sit down. Jijabai didn’t care, said that Bhim Rao was cooking a meal. Meera said that Jijabai wouldn’t understand. Ramji sat and ate. He then asked Bhim Rao to cook for him as well, the food at their house wasn’t good. Anand followed. They went over to Bhim Rao. Lakshmi complaint. Meer and Puranjan were sitting here. Meera taunted Jijabai for being unable to learn. Jijabai and Lakshmi went inside. Meera asked Bhim Rao to host well, she will join him tomorrow.

Joshi and Guruji were waiting for Bhim Rao. Joshi was sure that he would come while Guruji believed that Bhim Rao was a man of his word. Bhim Rao showed up. Joshi taunted that Bhim Rao wasn’t punctual, he only came for work.

Bhim Rao asked for work. Joshi introduced him to an officer who will conduct Bhim Rao’s interview. The man asked Bhim Rao about the languages he was aware about. Bhim Rai new Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, and English. The man praised him for than brought forward the tools Bhim Rao would work with. Bhim Rao was astound to see brooms.

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Telecast Date:24th December 2021
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