Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd November 2022 episode begins with Ramji wondering how to arrange such a big amount. Bala taunted Ramji for never doing anything for him. Bhim Rao questioned, said it was Bala’s fault.

Ramji must not be accused of it. Bala blamed Bhim Rao, his challenge stopped him from working and arranging money. Karola questioned Bala, asked why he couldn’t arrange the money before. Bala was infuriated. Karola asked him to slap her, questioned how an unknown woman slapping her was nay different from Bala slapping her. Rama asked Bala to answer. Lakshmi backed Rama;

this question was more important tha paying the debt. Hitesh taunted them. Deepaka’s mother favored Rama and Lakshmi, it was a big matter otherwise women will start living silently like Phuliya. Bala had nothing in his mind, said that he will give his life if unable to arrange the money. Bala left, wasn’t running away but needed time to think. Anand went after Bala.

Bala wondered how to arrange the money. There was nothing left to sell or someone to ask from. Anand came to him, he wanted to share what Bhim Rao once said to him. Anand told Bala that Bhim Rao once told him that no one will treat our things like garbage until we ourselves treat it like one. Bala was confused.

Anand asked Bala to give Karola the importance she deserves, so that no one threatens to hurt her. Make her capable to manage her situation. Bala asked why everyone thinks that he doesn’t love Karola. He wanted to explain. Anand asked Bala to think how he will take his relationship forward. Bala was lucky that life gave him another chance. Bala must think on it. Joku heard this discussion.

Jijabai asked Ramji why they were worried knowingly that they cannot arrange the amount. Meera told that a family is one who sits in time of need and find a solution. Jijabai asked for the solution. Meera wanted Bhim Rao to talk to that woman, he was able to convince a Governor. It was possible for him to negotiate with the woman.

Karola didn’t want Bhim Rao to worry for her husband’s mistake. Ramji reminded that Bala was his son. Ramji asked Bhim Rao to talk to the woman. Jijabai questioned. Bhim Rao went to the woman.

Joku informed Joshi about Anand discussion with Bala. Joshi wondered if the conversation had any effect on Bala. Bala came with a deal. Varchand welcomed him. Bala asked for 100 rupees, he has to pay a debt. After that Bala will leave Bombay. Karola will become a burden for Bhim Rao, that will suffice Joshi and Varchand’s wishes. Joshi accepted the deal. Bala asked for 100 rupees.

Joshi handed him 1 rupee; the amount Bala deserves. Bala asked for 20 rupees, as a loan. Joshi laughed at the lower caste asking for a loan. Joshi didn’t trust Bala to lend him the money. Varchand told that he cannot trust him when none of Bala’s family members trust him. Varchand left. Joku said that it was Bhim Rao’s doings, he poisoned everyone against Bala.

Bala sat down, recalled Joshi and Varchand willing to help Bala and how they refused to trust him right now. Deepak told that Joshi and Varchand were never their own. Bala was befriending Joshi and Varchand while Bhim Rao was fighting with Ramji for Bala.

The woman punished a man for not returning her money. The man was being forced to carry bricks in his hand. Bhim Rao came to talk to her. The woman recognized Bhim Rao as Bala’s brother. She refused to increase time. She was mad about her money. Bhim Rao argued with the woman for a while. Bhim Rao requested him at the end. The woman asked the other man she was punishing to leave.

Karola wondered if the woman would negotiate. Rama asked her not to worry, Bhim Rao will handle it. Jijabai questioned; Bhim Rao was no prince. She ridiculed everyone for considering Bhim Rao a solution to all their problem while in real he is the problem. Rama asked Jijabai to remember that Bhim Rao was the only one who came with solution. Rama wasn’t proud, she believed in Bhim Rao.

The woman gave Bala one day’s time to return her payment.

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