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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd June 2021 Ramji was as hurt as Bala was, he wasn’t happy beating him. Tulsa wiped his tears, his children hugged him. he said that his siblings must keep Bala save, until this matter resolves he has to be strict with him. they need to be strong to face these challenges.

Bhim Rao applied medicine on Bala’s wounds. Mangesh wanted Ramji to take a wise decision. Rani refused to live with Sandesh, he treats her like an animal. Bala complied to live with Rani as well. Bhim Rao questioned Ramji that why they don’t support Rani and Bala when both of them want the same. Ramji asked denied, Rani and Sandesh married out of love against all odds ad societal norms, we cannot ask them to leave each other on basis o few fights. Bhim Rao said that when there is no compatibility, peace, and comfort in a relation than what’s the point to carry it on. Ramji replied that ups and downs are a life’s process, peace and comfort were not constants. They must focus on resolving the issue o domestic violence which is not tolerable.

Rani left, Bala went inside. Mangesh said that before every relation must be given another chance. Puranjan was asked to free Bala from the jail, Rani and Bala must give their relation a second chance. Bhim Rao said that being a child he doesn’t understand husband – wife relationship but he knows that it doesn’t work if there is no understanding. Ramji told him that husband and wife have to go through many ups and downs, they have clashes, conflict of opinions but that did not mean that we call off the relation. Ramji and Bhim Bai had many conflicts, but they gave each other chances, same goes for Jijabai. Bhim Rao must remember this advice. Meera agreed with Ramji, she asked Bhim Rao to free Sandesh. Mangesh agreed. Puranjan, Mangesh and Bhim Rao went to the police station.

Ramji sat beside Bala looking at his wound he said that loving someone was not wrong. He loved her before but decided to leave her keeping in mind the reality. This time he took this step despite knowing that she was married to someone. His actions made Ramji raise his hands on Bala, he requested him to understand the dilemma. He said that love does not mean running away by destroying someone’s home. As a sign of pure love, he must have talked to Sandesh and make him understand the crime of domestic abuse. Ramji left. Bala said to himself that he will love Rani under all conditions, he was not afraid of the society.

Tulsa said that if her mother was here, Bala would have not runaway. Jijabai said that she didn’t ask Bala to run away with Rani, she must not be blamed for all the crimes. Meera wanted Jijabai to have clean ears for what the children said, they explain in depth what sometimes the elders were unable to do. She has to live amongst them and for that she needs to listen. Jijabai asked Tulsa what she meant by saying that if Bhim Bai was alive Bala wouldn’t have done the same. Meera asked her to answer. Tulsa said that Bhim Bai used to take care of him, she was able to read their faces. She was aware of them and their intention and incase of any problem she used to ask them, repeatedly until they had a solution.

Bhim Rao said that Ramji was right. Sandesh and Rani must give each other another chance.

Anand added that Bhim Bai would have talked Bala out of this and stop Ramji from beating Bala. Meera said that giving birth wasn’t the only reason Bhima Bai was close to them. In order to carry a healthy bond with the children Jijabai must try to understand these children. Jijabai agreed. Sandesh was brought back but he refused to go home, if he did, he would beat her again. She has insulted him. Ramji said that Sandesh was abusive towards Rani. Sandesh considered it his right as a husband, he defended that in that case every women would have left their husbands.

Bhim Rao answered that Rani left only because of the abuse, she might be the first one to do so. She must not be subjected to torture. Puranjan asked Sandesh to find a way to live together, they loved each other. Ramji wanted them to spend few days together, they might ease their misunderstandings. Rani refused to live with Sandesh. Sandesh vehemently expressed his disgust on living with Rani. Puranjan ordered Rani and Sandesh to adjust with each other for few days, Ramji and Puranjan weren’t to receive any fortune for the kindness they showed to Sandesh and Rani. They both must comply and go back to their hut. Bala said that there must not be forced. Bala was asked to go inside. Bala left. Puranjan took Sandesh, Jijabai took Rani. Bhim Rao was confused with Ramji’s decision.

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