Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd December 2021 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd December 2021  episode Deepak’s mother came to Bhim Rao while he was explaining to Shankar that they need to fight their poverty and social status for education. She sympathized with Bhim Rao and his intentions, but she was helpless cause there would be no one to earn and feed their family if she and her children don’t go to work. She left Bhim Rao her empty jar asking him to find solution where they can earn, live, and get education at the same time.

Ramji said that starvation burns the future. One would do anything to fill their stomach, they would sacrifice their extra needs. Rama said that it was necessary to stay alive to sacrifice. She agreed with the woman, her decision to serve her family was at point. Bhim Rao objected. Rama would support Bhim Rao her entire lie but in doing so she can not turn her eyes around the reality.

Deepak’s other awaits Bhim Rao’s decision, she had asked her son to neither go to school nor factory. Rama came, she gave the woman her jar and left.

Jijabai taunted Bhim Rao regarding Rama’s will to choose money. She wanted Lakshmi to ask why it was legal for children to work but not grown-ups. Ramji asked them to stay away from Bhim Rao and his life. Jijabai said that she learnt the trait from Bhim Rao. Rama came. Lakshmi wanted Rama and Shankar to concentrate on their work more because Bhim Rao was only made to give lectures which were useless. Rama asked Lakshmi to step aside, she started sweeping the floor. Everyone dispersed.

The children were leaving for factory. Bhim Rao was saddened. He wanted them to study because it was necessary to change the fate of their community. Rama sent Shankar along. Bhim Rao stopped them, his brother in – law wont work. Rama didn’t want his brother to be a burden on Bhim Rao. it was better for Shankar to work in a factory rather than roaming streets begging for work. The children left. Bhim Rao defied Rama’s stance. Rama was thinking from a different perspective just like Bhim Rao taught him.

Jijabai and Lakshmi cherished their peaceful lives. Lakshmi proposed the idea to separate Meera as well. Meera heard it from behind the wall. She didn’t want her family to be ruined.

Bhim Rao was stopped by the man for whom Rama worked. He wanted Bhim Rao to find him a woman from the lower caste whom he recently started to like, said that he would pay. Bhim Rao was disgusted, was about to left. The man pointed the arrogance to be same as Ramabai who claimed to be Bhim Rao’s wife. Bhim Rao was astound. He went in search of her.

He saw Rama washing dishes. The man followed Bhim Rao, asked him to leave, Bhim Rao told that Rama was his wife. He went to Rama and confronted her for lying. Rama thought that Bhim Rao wouldn’t permit her to work. Bhim Rao wasn’t against the job but her lying. He wanted to work with her. The man asked Rama and Bhim Rao to leave. Bhim Rao agreed to leave but wanted to file a complaint against the man. The mother intervened, she questioned Bhim Rao for being ungrateful.

Bhim Rao explained him what her son asked Bhim Rao earlier. Rama confessed as well. The woman slapped her son, asked him to leave because as a woman she would always respect a woman first. She wanted Rama to continue her work her. Rama comforted Bhim Rao. She asked Bhim Rao to go home and rest but he refused.

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Telecast Date:23rd December 2021
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