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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd January 2020 Episode Start With We should welcome / respect new outlooks and thoughts. Any creation of a pen cannot create the destiny. The society must thrive on progressive thinking to achieve that.

Bala thinks to go from the back door. It will be a problem if Baba wakes up. He enters from the back door and notices everyone sleeping peacefully. He scans the containers kept in kitchen one by one to find laddoos and drops something. He hides under Meera’s cot as Bhimbai wakes up. Meera tells her to sleep. It must be a cat. Bhimbai tells Ganga to close the door. Ganga obliges. She lies down once again. Bala looks at his sleeping sister sadly. He gets out from the main door. Bheema brings laddoos for him just then. Bala refuses but Bheema tells him not to take out Aai Baba’s anger on Ganga Didi. Please eat. Bala sits next to him. Bheema gives him his share of laddoos and a few from everyone’s share (meaning all). Anand smiles as he takes a bite. It is sweet and delicious. Bheema says Baba is just like that. Bala says Baba cannot be sweet always especially for me. He does not let me do what I want. I am fine where I am right now. I will return home the day he will understand me. He leaves. Ram ji is watching them. I am lucky that my kids are like this. How did Bala lose his path? How should I make him understand?

Bheema is practising English sentences. Ganga tells Meera they should cook Bala’s favourite food and go to meet him. This way I will meet him too. I am not happy here without him. We will also talk to him. Meera seconds her. He listens to you so we must go. Don’t tell Bhaiya though. He will get upset. Anand shows the empty container and complains to his mother. Manjula and Tulsa also make a sad face. All eyes turn to Bheema. He says I was dreaming I was eating laddoos. I woke up suddenly and fulfilled my dream. By the time I stopped, all of them were over. Anand, Manjula and Tulsa scold him. They chase him around the house. Bhimbai wonders how Bheema can do this. Ram ji says he is lying. He knows there is no harm in lying for a good cause. Bhimbai is confused. Ram ji tells her, Ganga and Meera everything that transpired last night. Bheema requests his mother to help him. She asks him how he finished them all. He offers to tell her when she whispers the truth in his ears. Bhimbai says you can ask your sister to make it again. She is right here. Everyone tells her the numbers. Meera says make 5k laddoos for my Bala. Ram ji goes.

People from music troupe try to wake up Bala. He is in sleep and tells Bheema to go away. They tell him it isn’t Bheema. Wake up. Bala sits up. Bala receives his first pay – 2 paise. He calculates how this will help Anand, Bala and home. They tell him he is capable to earn that and more. Bala heads to the door. His troupe asks for celebration but Bala denies. I wanted to give my first earning to my Baba but he will be upset the moment he will see me. I will give it to Bheema. It is time for his class. He gives his troupe laddoos and goes to give money to Bheema. Troupe leader says Bala is a fool but all of us are happy this way.

Meera asks Ganga about her husband. Was he busy? Ganga nods. Meera says we would have liked it if he had come. It’s been so many years since he visited us. Ganga goes out on the pretext of bringing green chillies. She cries outside. He has no time. He keeps searching for job since he lost his job. He hasn’t even spoken to me in days. He shouts at me whenever I try to convince him to come here. Even I want him to come with me to my home. Bhimbai asks her since when this is going on. Ganga tries to feign ignorance but her mother wipes her tears. You could have told your Baba. Ganga again tries to dismiss it but Bhimbai offers to speak to her husband. Ganga requests her not to do it. He will think I came here to complain about him. Meera asks Ganga to bring green chilli. Ganga goes inside.

Anand and Bala are near school when Bala pulls them aside. They are surprised to see him there. Bala asks them if they got scared. Anand tells him to fight if he wants to. I am ready. Bheema tells him to wait. Why are you always eager to fight? Let him speak. Bala shows them the coins. This is my first earning. Aai Baba wont take it so I am giving it to you. Please accept it Bheema. Anand tells Bheema not to take it. We shouldn’t take what upsets our parents. Let’s go. Bheema still accepts it. Bala tells him to let him know in case he ever wants money. Bheema nods. Is there anything else? Bala sweetly tells him that the laddoos were yummy. Anand says it means you ate them. They engage in a cute fight. Bheema jumps over them. They all fall on hay and tickle each other. Anand requests Bala to come home but Bala runs off.

Bala’s group members have finished the laddoos. Wish there were more! Meera and Ganga ask them about Bala who comes there just then. Bala hugs his sister. Meera asks him to eat with them. Bala nods. All three of them sit near a huge well. Meera asks Bala to come. He says Baba will get upset if you will feed me. Ganga says we aren’t your parents. Keep your issues with them only. Come and eat with us. Bala sits down happily. Ganga feeds him his favourite food. Bala’s eyes well up.

In the classroom, Bheema asks Guru ji how much one can earn by playing instruments. Kids taunt him that another brother is after money now. Go and play music. Everyone laughs. Another kid tells Guru ji to see where Bheema is focusing now. Guru ji calms them down and asks Bheema to come outside. Bheema and Guru ji step out of the class. Guru ji asks him what happened. Bheema tells him everything in detail.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Bheema takes Bala with him to show him the truth. Anand locks the leader of the troupe in a room. Anand says Baba knows his and Narayan’s truth. He has gone to bring police captain with him. They will be here anytime. Troupe leader admits before all 3 brothers what Narayan had been plotting.

Read Online Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd January 2020 Written Episode . Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By And TV Indian Drama Serial Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd January 2020.

Telecast Date: 22nd January 2020
Distributed By : And TV And Zee5


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