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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st October 2020 Bhimbai and Ram ji help Bhima clean up. He notices Ganga sitting sadly in a corner and thinks of the moment when he had lost his Jija ji. He runs to Ganga. Please don’t cry. Everything will be fine. She starts crying again. Bhima hugs her. Dhansukhlal and other villagers look on from a distance. Meera asks everyone to come inside for dinner. Ram ji asks Bhima to take Ganga inside. They both go in.

Ram ji stops Bhimbai outside. You wont go to hospital or to help others now. I don’t want you to catch this disease. It can happen to anyone. She reasons that his life is in danger as well. You and my youngest son can go but I can’t? My daughter’s husband would have been alive if someone had dared to step out like me. He agrees with her. I reached very late there. Bhimbai says that was destined to happen. Ram ji says it is different now. You don’t keep well anyways. You are prone to catch it more. She says I believe it would be worth it if I can save even one life. I want to live my life in a way that Bhima will think of me as brave once I am gone! Ganga will think that Aayi was helpless. She couldn’t save my husband but she tried her best to save others. I can give hope, encouragement to my kids in one or other way till the time I am alive. Please don’t stop me from creating good memories in the minds of my kids. Meera gets emotional. Bhabhi said that her husband is helping people selflessly. She wanted to support you. I know she will never say it but she is concerned about others and you equally. She wants to prove herself as a good and successful wife by helping you. Ram ji rues that Bhimbai always speaks about death. We can give her our life too. I am nothing without her. Meera asks them to come inside for dinner. She warns Bhimbai not to speak about death in front of anyone ever again. Bhimbai gets up to go when Ram ji tells her that from on, she will walk next to him. They go inside.

Sakpal family sits down to eat but everyone’s eyes are fixed on Ganga. Bhimbai asks her to eat something. You will fall ill otherwise. Ram ji also asks her to eat something. Bhima makes a bite and requests her to eat for his sake. She takes the bite. The rat catcher is right outside the main door. He throws the bag full of rats inside the house. Everyone runs outside immediately. Ram ji asks everyone if the rats touched anyone. Bala, Meera and Manjula share that they came in contact with the rat. Ram ji and Bhimbai give blankets to everyone. Ram ji asks Bhimbai to come with him to get water from well. They tell everyone to maintain distance and not touch their eyes or ears.

Dhansukhlal and Mangesh see them running and laugh. Those who considered themselves as lions are running like rats today. We will find out about them tomorrow.

Bhima asks his family members if they are feeling fine. They shake their heads. Meera encourages everyone to be positive. Bhima keeps telling them to check themselves for any symptoms. Ram ji and Bhimbai bring water. Meera decides to warm the water first. They collect wood and make a makeshift stove outside. Ram ji tells his kids not to be afraid. That is the first sign of giving up. Your Baba has taught you to fight. We will fight and win too! Everyone washes their hands and feet with warm water.

Ram ji says we cannot sleep tonight. Let’s sit around the fire in a circle. If anyone feels ill, we will rush that person to the hospital. Bhima looks at his house sadly. Ram ji asks him to sit down. Bhima says I will. I am just looking and trying to remember that we try to help everyone irrespective of the situation but the kind of society we are living in is simply thankless. Some people throw rats intentionally at our home to kill us! I will remember this incident and this pain my entire life. Ram ji nods. If memories teach you anger, hatred and disrespect then it can be harmful for you. Bhima gets confused. Ram ji says we have to keep every good or bad experience in our mind as a lesson. It should be an inspiration to us. We should change our behaviour if we find out something we did was wrong. 2-4 nights of amavasya cannot stop the moon from shining.

It is morning. Ram ji says looks like we have been saved from plague. They check their hands and feet for any marks but there is no symptom. Ram ji suggests cleaning the house and everything well. We will go to help the villagers. Anand wants to come along but Ram ji tells him to be alert and stay at home. We don’t know to what extent they can go to. I will call you if I need anything. Anand nods.

Meera asks Manjula, Anand and Bala to get ready to clean the house. Ganga offers to bring water. Meera tells her to rest but Ganga insists.

Puranjan asks doc to do something about the patients. Doc says we are out of medicines. We cannot do anything till we get another stock. Puranjan informs Ram ji about it. Ram ji decides to speak to English government and leaves.

3 more people from lower community have died. More patients have come in. Bhima recalls his father’s words. What about the people from upper community? One guy says let them rot. Why do we care? Bhima requests him not to say so. The other guy shares that the condition is worse in their locality. Guru ji says there is no other option as they have refused to come to the hospital as people from lower community are admitted here. One intelligent villager (Pundit ji) tells them to keep praying. They think that he can save their lives by offering food and money. They see a few ladies singing a bhajan and praying for their well-being.

Bhima asks Guru ji to come with him and request them to come to hospital. Bhimbai is against the idea but Bhima assures her that he will be fine. Guru ji is with me. There is danger everywhere. Guru ji says people are unaware of this disease and no one wants to die. Bhima says life is precious. Nothing can replace it. It is just how we cannot replace Jija ji with anything else. There are many people like him here. They need treatment. Please let me bring them to hospital.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhima requests an ill guy from the upper community to come to hospital with them. Think about your family. Mangesh, Dhansukhlal and Pundit ji come there. Mangesh reprimands Bhima for approaching people from upper community by himself. Pundit ji points out that this ill guy is responsible for Bhima’s doom. Get up and touch Bhima. Do this now. The guy gets up and walks towards Bhima.

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Telecast Date:21st October 2020
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