Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st November 2022 Meera questioned Jijabai for blaming Bhim Rao for all the faults. Jijabai told that Meera never understood Bhim Rao. Hitesh saw them both arguing. He recalled his discussion with Jijabai, he told her that Bhim Rao was being smart and winding up the issue in this chawl.

He told him about Bhim Rao’s nature and how Bhim Rao knows Ramji’s nature. He knew that Ramji would never adopt a child yet forced him to do so. Bhim Rao did so to elevate the fight and get Jijabai out of this house. Jijabai told it to Meera, said that she came back. Meera defied all allegation, said that it was useless to talk to Meer about it. Jijabai can be sorted about anything.

Hitesh knew the extent to which Jijabai hates Bhim Rao. He used that hate to turn the situation.

Chawl men came to chawl, told that Ramji went after Bala. Ramji will be being Bala back. Bhim Rao asked about the direction. Hitesh questioned Bhim Rao’s trust over his father. Bhim Rao wanted to help Ramji; he went with Anand.

Bala was trying to escape from his father. Ramji grabbed him from the front. Bala asked him to let go. Ramji dragged Bala. Varchand’s men were going after him, Varchand stopped his men from after them right now.

Joku taunted Rama and Lakshmi for not going after Bhim Rao when they always support him. Jijabai asked about Rama’s contribution in the conspiracies to send he away. She said that they started this conspiracy by calling it name of Justice. Jijabai said that Karola wasn’t understanding. Karola denied, she trusted Bhim Rao and Rama.

Joshi and Varchand’s men laid out a trap to capture Ramji help Bala run away. They hid in corner to see the show. Ramji wad approaching near the trap with Bala. Joshi and Varchand waited impatiently. Joshi pulled the rope to trap Ramji and Bala. They both fell in mud. Bala got up first, he saw hi chance and ran away. Ramji called Bala to help him get up. Bala apologized for running away.

Ramji asked Bala to face the truth and fight it. Bala apologized; he saw Bhim Rao standing on other side. Bhim Rao said that Ramji has two other sons. Anand came from other side. Ramji knew that Bala would be caught. Joshi said tha their hopes shattered again.

Bala and Ramji were brought back to chawl. Rama told Hitesh that she put faith in the right men. Bala was brought back by Ramji and his two sons. Karola stopped Bala, she threw a bucket of water on him, even asked Anand to step aside for it. Everyone was shocked at Karola’s doing. She wanted to see her husband’s face who ran away. Wanted to know if he had some shame or regret in him.

Wanted to know if their relationship was more important to him than the challenge posed by Bhim Rao. She asked if Bala would have run away to win a challenge. Bhim Rao and Rama asked Bala to answer. Bala said that Karola should have recalled the times he left before, he always went away in front of her.

Only this time he didn’t tell her, yet left money for her. Bala asked her to answer this because she was the one who created a situation where they were happy away from each other. He said that Karola should have come to find him herself. She should have been worried about him. Rama wanted to speak. Karola said that it was her question to answer. Karola told that she would have come to find him but this time it was different, this time he went somewhere he didn’t want to be found.

Before that Bala wanted his wife to find him and prove his importance to her. This time she wasn’t answerable to him, it was other way around. Bala remined that only two days were left for challenge to end, after that he will answer all her questions. Bala asked everyone to do whatever they wanted to do with him in the two days, Bala was brought back and can not escape again. He asked everyone to understand that he will not change.

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
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