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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st June 2021 While entering the house Magesh stopped for a second, he then came in. Ramji was proud of Bhim Rao brining a upper cast to their home. Mangesh asked for tea. Ramji asked Jijabai to prepare tea. Ramji left. Mangesh understood what everyone thought him, a man who hurdled them was standing amongst them today. Mangesh felt proud being with them, he has overcome the caste system. Meera asked him to take a seat, Mangesh said that all of this was possible because of Bhim Rao.

Jijabai was against Bhim Rao bringing Magesh to their home. Ramji was of the view that this act has changed a lot, at least one of the upper cast recognized them for who they were. Jijabai said that these acts will not help, she referred to Rani and Sandesh’s situation/ Ramji asked her not to exaggerate but think openly. Jijabai prepared the tea, asked Ramji to serve. Ramji took the tray and left.

Bhim Rao gave Mangesh tea. Everyone drank tea together.

Maharaj wanted to find where Magesh hid his family. Pandith, Mahesh were clueless. Sethji asked for a solution. Maharaj said that from now on he should be treated the same as Bhim Rao, h must be asked to clean the animals corpse, be ignored, and neglected. It would tease him and then one day kill him. Sethji fueled Mahesh because Mangesh destroyed his family. Mahesh was ignited, he promised to take the revenge and kill his brother. Maharaj praised him; he will be rewarded.

Supporting the truth has diminished Mangesh’s struggle to live. Bhim Rao said that neither did Puranjan came back, nor did they found any news regarding Bala.

Sandesh supported Rani against all odds, he fought the society to marry her. He had the right to scold her for her mistakes, he was allowed to beat her incase she crosses the limit. Mahesh came, he agreed with Sandesh, he said that being her husband he had the right. Offering him chickpeas Mahesh said that he had the same problem as Sandesh, his brother has sided with the lower cast just like Rani. He took out a knife asking Sandesh to keep it. Sandesh asked the need. Mahesh asked him to use it on Bala once Bhim Rao brings him back, same will be done to Mangesh. Sandesh waits for Bala’s return.

Bala found a job. Rani was happy. They did some shopping. Bala asked for two vermalas, they both were getting married. The man congratulated them. Bala and Rani went.

Ramji and Bhim Rao were waiting for some new. Puranjan found Bala’s address, he asked Ramji and Bhim Rao to leave immediately, the train was due to arrive.

Bala and Rani were preparing for their wedding rituals.

Puranjan, Ramji and Bhim Rao were searching for Bala in the new village he came to.

Bala and Rani were performing the rituals. Bala was about to don her with the Mangal sutra. Ramji opened the door. Ramji entered the house, he took the Mangal sutra away, snatched the Vermal off Bala’s neck and slapped him. Ramji dragged him outside, Rani held onto Bala’s hand. Puranjan held Rani back. Rani begged to let her go, she wanted to be with Bala. Bhim Rao asked Puranjan to let go. She ran towards Bala.

Bala asked Ramji to free him, he wanted to marry Rani.

Bhim Rao stopped Rani assuring her the happiness she dreams of. He asked her to come home. Rani didn’t want to go; her life with Sandesh suffocated her. Bhim Rao took and oath to provide her the bliss of happiness, but he said that her return was important because it was suffocating Sandesh as well. He promised to have Rani and Bala married.

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