Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st July 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st July 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st July 2020 Episode Manjula’s fiancé (Bhaskar) also gets locked up in a room by his father. Put haldi on him from the window. The DIL tries to object but her MIL reprimands her. Her husband thinks of beating her but his mother tells him to let it be. She can help in the preps.

Bala rues that they have lost. It will be too late by the time Bhima comes home. Plus, he too will be locked here with us.

Bhimbai applies haldi to Manjula. Manjula thinks of the promise made by her brothers. You may not be able to stop my marriage but I am glad that you all care about what I want.

Bhaskar isn’t keen to do the ritual. His mother threatens to call his Baba but he requests her to call off this wedding. I will forever regret it otherwise. She tells him to be nice. His Baba comes there. The DIL manages to convince Bhaskar. He turns around so his mother can apply haldi. His father glares at him from a distance.

Bala and Anand think of Bhima’s words. Anand suggests eloping from here. Let’s do what Bhima did. Bala says only Bhima can do it but Anand is positive they can do it too. Anand agrees. How will we get out of here? The door is locked from outside. Anand tells him a plan.

Bala starts playing his musical instrument loudly. Everyone wakes up. Bhimbai tells them to stop but in vain. Anand tells her to open the door or they wont let anyone sleep. Bhimbai refuses to open the door. Meera requests her as well but Bhimbai stays put. They wont be able to play it in their sister’s wedding after all. Play as much as you want to. They go quiet. Ganga’s husband is irked. Everyone lies down once again.

Anand finds a stick inside. He tells Bala to continue playing his instruments and starts hitting the door from inside. Ganga’s husband is highly irritated but Bhimbai says they will be fine by morning. He is unable to sleep though. Anand succeeds in his plan. They step out but find Ganga’s husband standing on the door. He tells them he can fool everyone else but not him. I will make sure you 2 are thrown out of the house now. He tries to pull them but Bala and Anand manage to overpower him. Bala hits him on his head with his musical instrument.

Next morning, Bhimbai wakes up first and then wakes up Meera and Manjula. The wedding is today! Meera says everything will be fine once Bhima, Ganga and Tulsa return with their Baba. Bhimbai is shocked to see Ganga’s husband tied to a cot outside. Who did this? He tells them everything. Bhimbai apologizes to him on their behalf. They will be punished for their misdeed. He rues that they might be up to something. Bhimbai says they have tried everything. I wont give up like this. Let them do what they want to. We will do what we have to do! Let’s start the preps. He is worried that they might go to Bhaskar’s home. Bhimbai speaks of what is to be done. Meera is tensed thinking what the boys will be up to.

Anand and Bala meet Ambedkar Guru ji in school. They request him to help them. He has many questions but they agree to tell him everything on the way.

Bhaskar’s father assigns duties to everyone. He smiles upon noticing Ganga’s husband coming in with the gifts. He tells him to keep it near the door so everyone can see and ogle. Ganga’s husband does as told.

Meera asks Ganga’s husband about the boys but Bhimbai tells her they don’t need to know about their whereabouts. We will focus on Manjula’s wedding. Dhansukhlal, Mangesh and a few other villagers mock them. The sons have eloped and even the head of the house is missing. We have never seen such a wedding before. Bua has left her home and is staying with them! You dint invite the girls who are already married and the boys rebel and run away. You sent away the daughter who was living here. No one wants to support you in this wedding? Mangesh seconds Dhansukhlal. Where are the beloved and smart son and his father now? A guy says they might be selling their daughter as per their tradition. Ram ji must have gone to make preps for it.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Anand and Bala bring back the childhood memories of Bhaskar’s SIL (the books and stuff). They request her to help them in stopping this marriage. Bhaskar’s SIL raises an objection to the wedding opening. Her FIL tries to slap him but Bhaskar holds his hand.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2020
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