Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st January 2022 episode Varchand sends everyone to find Bhim Rao, he forbids all to enter this society without Bhim Rao. Without Bhim Rao no one would allow to return to their houses. Meera taunted everyone for hating Bhim Rao, but she wished that no one could find him. Varchand shuts Meera.

Bhim Rao wished to find a solution. Rama came asking if Bhim Rao could allow her to dress like an upper caste for the sake of getting water from the well. Bhim Rao has always fought for his identity. He would like Rama pretending to be someone she’s not. Rama agreed. Rama was leaving to get water, Bhim Rao told that he was heading out for some work as work. Rama questioned.

Joku and fellow neighbors cursed Bhim Rao for running their lives. Joshi’s friend intervened, asked everyone to curse themselves for having a neighbor like Bhim Rao. Anand stopped the man, said that Bhim Rao would have never let anything happen to anyone. Joku asked where his family members were. Ramji was at police station; he was calling everyone else.

Joshi came to Varchand congratulating him for his win. Varhcand asked him to be grateful to his wife. Varchand said that a husband is always benefitted from his wife’s deeds. Joshi informed Varchand that Rama didn’t believe in Dharam.

Policeman questioned Ramji for his complaint, he didn’t want to be thrown on streets. Anand asked Ramji to approach a higher authority. Policeman warned them about Varchand and his sources. Joshi’s friend thought of capturing Ramji.

Bhim Rao posted a letter to higher authorities against Varchand. Rama was leaving to find work, Bhim Rao wanted to come along. Rama stopped him, said that he must worry about his education. She can work and carry all his educational expenses. Guruji intervened, said that Bhim Rao will go to Nasik with him since. A man lived there who would deal with all of his educational expenses. Rama was very happy. Guruji said that they would leave for Nasik at night.

Joshi’s friend abducted Ramji and locked him in a room.

Everyone wondered where Ramji was. People didn’t care, they wanted to find Bhim Rao and present him to Varchand so that they may free themselves from his cruelty. Meera wouldn’t let anyone use Bhim Rao, she would find him and send him to another city. Jijabai questioned, Meera stopped him. Anand warned everyone. Meera and Anand left. Daliya refused to leave. People dispersed in order to find Bhim Rao.

At night, everyone was finding Bhim Rao. Anand decided to find visit the woman Rama used to work for. Puranjan left to find Ramji.
Rama was packing her stuff. Bhim Rao asked her to hurry. Rama wanted Bhim Rao to leave without her. Bhim Rao refused to leave her alone, he wouldn’t go anywhere without her.

Meer and Anand insisted the woman to inform them about Bhim Rao and Rama. She said that they were leaving for Nasik at night. Joshi’s friend heard them talking, he informed Joshi.

Bhim Rao and Rama left with Guruji.

Joshi told Bhim Rao’s neighbor about his plan. They decided to take everyone to the station and find Bhim Rao.

Everyone was headed to the station.

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Telecast Date:21st January 2022
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