Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th May 2022 episode Varchand warns his wife for helping Bhim Rao get the lawyer and offering them drinks. He had enough of it. She replied that she has been living according to his demand for a long time, why can’t he accept her doing what pleased her. Varchand asked her to work for his people and community, what does she get by helping Bhim Rao. She replied that it gave her peace and comfort. Varchand tied her hands in anger, looed her in the room and left.

Hitesh questioned Bhim Rao for the Barrister’s incapability to help. Rama said that it was their fault because they didn’t have anything in written to present as evidence. Jijabai said that they were innocent at the time, the court should have treated them with justice. Lakshmi replied that Bhim Rao was saying the same thing, if she considered it right, she must admit it. Jijabai objected. Meanwhile, the officer and Bala came.

He taunted Bhim Rao for not getting anything. Bhim Rao told him that he made a lot of memories about his cast members not being allowed to sit in their own case. The official questioned, as their presence wouldn’t have changed the courts verdict.

Bhim Rao wondered that for how long the rooms of justice would be made according to caste system. Caste was not the criteria of Justice. The lower caste should have the right to hear their own case. The official answered that the main issue of lower caste living at the other end of the rope, they were inaudible and unreachable. Bala asked the official not to disrespect them more. The official slapped Bala.

Ramji furiously questioned the official for slapping his son. The official questioned. Ramji covered his statement, said that Bala was like his son. The official said that the lower caste will not get anything.

Bhim Rao objected, as them questioning about the closed doors of court room instigated the official to come here just like that one day their struggle would change the world for them. Rama wanted to say something. Rama was well aware of their miserable state, but it didn’t suit the official to make their miserableness a mean for his happiness. Lakshmi said that official wasted his time coming here for nothing. The official questioned their tradition, woman must not talk like that.

Meera said that her daughter in laws weren’t disrespectful at all. The official left. Meera praised Rama and Lakshmi. Now she knew that her family would be strong. Lakshmi credited Bhim Rao for it. It was him who brough that change in her. Joku objected, said that elevating a woman was of no benefit. Bhim Rao said that men and women were equal, women had an equal right to fight for their justice. The men objected as fighting for justice was for men only.

Varchand’s wife locked and tied in the room screamed, said that doing so won’t change anything. A guard from outside informed her that Varchand wasn’t here, he went to the chawl to celebrate.

At night, Varchand, Sethi and Joshi came with their wines and food to celebrate their victory. Deepak asked his mother if she found something to eat. Joshi was pleased to eat in front of starving people. Deepak was extremely hungry. Ramji said that he would try and arrange something. Jijabai questioned him.

Bhim Rao felt that everyone was hungry now, he suggested that everyone must contribute and arrange something to eat. Hitesh taunted Bhim Rao. Joku taunted Bhim Rao for living on his father and wife’s earnings. He himself wasn’t even able to get he issue solve. Daliya blamed Joku and Hitesh for being homeless.

Joku said that they did what they thought was best. Bhim Rao said that it wasn’t the issue, they must arrange the money and get something to eat. Bhim Rao and Rama went aside, Lakshmi wanted to accompany them, but Rama didn’t allow her. Ramji refused to eat as well, he sat beside Bhim Rao.

A drunken Joshi mocked Bhim Rao for trying to become like the upper caste. Varchand asked all those who were hungry to plead for food, he might throw some food at them out of mercy.

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