Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th April 2021 Bala agrees with Gopal saying that Bhima can be wrong. The Guardian asked everyone not to mind anything what Gopal said.

Seth ji asked Bhima to shout louder, Bhima suggests that it would not help. Seth ji denied the lecture as Bhima will not be paid for that. Bhima remembered that Ramji advised him to work for his owner. Bhima shouted louder convincing everyone to buy from his cart, as he is selling everything in half price. Seth ji asked Ramji if they should lower the price as well, Ramji refused saying that they need to keep good intention and fight on their own terms. They strolled the cart and left.

Mangesh was praising Gopal for his success. Everyone went silent in front of Gopal. Maharaj was happy that in a few days everyone will start believing Gopal. Seth ji inquired why Maharaj didn’t bring Gopal earlier. Maharaj said that he was waiting for the right time while insulting Seth ji for his immaturity. He inquired when Ramji and Bhima will return home. Mangesh, Seth ji and Pandit were asked to take some people to argue Gopal to make Bhima feel unwanted.

The Guardian asked Gopal how he has gathered so much knowledge in such a small age. Gopal said that he learnt the language of compelling one to do what he desires to. The Guardian praises Gopal for his earlier win of convincing Bala, it must have caused a chaos in the family.

Meera asked Bala not to go against Bhima. Bala said that Bhima is not being questioned for working right know while everyone went against him when he ran away to find work. Everyone tried to make Bala understand that he must not come under someone’s shadow and go against his own brother. Bala didn’t want to understand. Puranjan left.

Bhima and Anand came home, Tulsa helped them wash their hands. Bhima was looking at his swollen, bruised hands. Meera was worried. Ramji said that they have worked hard. He said to Meera that she must be proud of her nephews.

Mangesh shouted for Gopal to come out. Gopal asked his Guardian to go out and act well. The Guardian came out. Seth ji asked how his son has dared to say that his God will come to their place. Gopal came out saying that God is everywhere and will answer everyone’s call. Bhima said that he believes in God as well, but he will think of worshiping Good when they will be allowed to enter the temple. Gopal said that he can prove that they don’t have to go to the temple for God to answer their prayers. Bhima asked him not to prove anything, as they are no one to prove that God exists. Mangesh asked Bhima to remain silent.

Seth ji again questioned Gopal, Bhima asked them to leave and secure their temple so that the lower cast can’t enter it. Gopal asked Bhima to let him prove his point. Bhima said that God is not something to be given a proof off, he is one and must not be divided amongst people. Gopal requested everyone to let him prove. Bala and few other villagers agreed with Gopal. He asked everyone to raise their hands and pray. Maharaj was glad to see Bhima lose as some of the villagers followed Gopal. Bhima wanted to stop them, but Ramji asked him to remain silent and observe. Mangesh was infuriated. Gopal asked the ones praying to open their eyes.,

he than questioned the realization one gets will praying in a temple. Seth ji replied one realizes the sense of protection. The villagers said that while praying here they felt secure and peaceful. They didn’t feel unprotected while praying in front of all these people. Gopal asked everyone to pray despite of being able to enter a temple or not. Bhima opposed saying that it will segregate the society in two, slowly and gradually the people will differentiate in the smallest things. He said that the ones who can afford worship must continue their practice, but the realization of god must be enough for those who cry for a single meal. The fact that God is present is the biggest prayer.

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