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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st September 2022 episode Hitesh convinces everyone for the job abroad offered by Joshi. Joku asked what an agreement was. Hitesh told that it is an official letter. Everyone was excited to inform Bhim Rao about it. Joku wanted to assure and then confirm, he cannot blindly trust Hitesh again.

Joku wanted to inform Phuliya, Hitesh stopped him, asked everyone to wait till the agreement finalizes. Phuliya came asking Joku to come home. He mocked Phuliya, told that he was having an important discussion. Everyone was Bhim Rao coming home, they asked him not to give a lecture. Rama assured that he will not interfere anymore.

Joku was eager to have chawl members become his laborers.

Ramji asked Bhim Rao if any teacher started teaching him. Jijabai questioned, said that Bhim Rao has been telling everyone that he will not interfere anymore. Ramji cannot accept Bhim Rao not speaking for his education, it was his right.

Bhim Rao assured him that he would manage to get the teachers teaching him again. Ramji gave him an ultimatum otherwise give up his education. Rama questioned Ramji. Ramji made his decision. Rama wanted to tell Bhim Rao about Lakshmi but he refused to listen. Rama left.

Next morning, Bhim Rao woke up. He couldn’t find Rama. He came out, saw Rama outside. He asked why she slept outside. Rama said that Bhim Rao asked her to leave him alone. Bhim Rao questioned. Rama silently went inside.

Rama didn’t speak. Lakshmi adored their relation, they have made this place their home but she couldn’t. Meera asked her not to think so. Anand loved her the same, everyone loves her the same. Lakshmi wasn’t complaining, it was just that this place was suffocating her.

Bhim Rao asked if he cannot say her anything. Rama said that he cannot ask her wife to leave him alone. Bhim Rao was apologetic, he knew that Rama would tease him with it for life. Rama left. Bhim Rao questioned. Rama was still mad.

Hitesh asked Joshi and his men for the agreement so that they could prepare. The man asked Joshi to arrange few other men. Bala volunteered. Joshi was happy to know that he joined them. Bala assured him that he would never make them his allies.

He just wanted to leave Bombay. Varchand agreed with Bala, he asked Bala to handle the rest. Bala asked everyone to leave, he will arrange other workers. He asked everyone not to tell Bhim Rao.

Lakshmi brought milk for Bhim Rao. He asked why Rama didn’t bring it. Lakshmi told Bhim Rao asked her to leave him alone. Bhim Rao took the milk.

Rama agreed with Ramji, she knew that he will try to convince his teacher now. Bhim Rao came, he asked Rama to come inside he needed to talk to her. Rama knew what he had to say. She asked Bhim Rao to focus on what Ramji said to him last night.

Bhim Rao told him that the teachers are not agreeing to teach him. He asked Ramji not to worry. Teachers have their own life. Jijabai favored Bhim Rao, asked Ramji not to force him. Rama didn’t care, she cannot allow Bhim Rao to forgo Ramji’s decision. Bhim Rao drank the milk, said that he will be like he is.

Bhim Rao left. Bhabi joked that men in colony used to be very enthusiastic at start of their job but after a while they all gave up. Jijabai mocked Bhim Rao with it. Rama took the glass of milk and went after Bhim Rao.

She asked Bhim Rao that she always felt proud of picking up the glass of milk he drink from. Not because she was his wife but because he was Bhim Rao Ambadker. She felt different and proud because Bhim Rao was different. Bhim Rao who has fought and struggled in Sitara cannot give up Bomaby.

He needs to become better, become the person his parents, siblings and his wife wanted him to be. Hitesh alarmed everyone that Rama encouraging Bhim Rao would make him interfere in other’s lives. Bhim Rao had nothing to say after all that Rama said for him. He was getting late for work. Rama swore not to eat or drink until he convinces his teacher to teach him again.

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