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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st October 2020 A few women hold Madhvi as Pundit ji picks up a piece of hot coal and walks towards her. Madhvi hits the bowl just in time and runs outside. villagers move aside to save themselves. Villagers chase Madhvi. Bhima runs off as well. Bhimbai panics but Ram ji asks her to take everyone to Puranjan’s home. This isn’t a safe place. He goes after Bhima.

Villagers are looking for Madhvi in the fields but they have lost her. Bhima asks the villagers about his Didi. Dhansukhlal says this happened because of you. She chose to run away and you are responsible for it. Bhima says I don’t know how she got the strength to run away but I am glad that she could. I dint help her though. Dhansukhlal tells him to be quiet. We will first punish her and then we will take care of you. Ram ji comes there. Villagers resume their search. Madhvi has overheard everything and runs away. Ram ji tries to send Bhima to Puranjan’s place but Bhima wants to do his duty as a brother. You should check near that bridge. She tried to commit suicide once. Ram ji is worried for him but Bhima assures him that the villagers are looking for Didi right now. I will be fine. They can hurt her if they find her though. Ram ji gives in. Bhima runs away. Ram ji thinks I am leaving you alone for the first time but this is also the first time when I have faith in your confidence.

Villagers use their sticks to beat around the bushes to make sure Madhvi isn’t hiding nearby. They see Bhima approaching. Dhansukhlal tells Mangesh to take care of Sakpal family as Bhima is here. Ram ji will be here too. Mangesh leaves with Bali, Chetan and a few other guys.

Dhruv and Sakpal family leaves for Puranjan’s house. Mangesh comes there just then. He asks his friends to spill oil all over the house. They comply. He notices the locked door. Did they flee?

Bhimbai asks about Dhruv. They wonder if he went back to fight.

Dhruv tells mangesh that Sakpal family was worried about their kids. They did flee. Not everyone is like my old father. Some people do fear losing their kids. A guy asks him if they left him behind. You consider them your family. Dhruv says they dint leave me behind. I came back on my own to save this home. Mangesh threatens him but Dhruv challenges him. they resume pouring oil on the house.

Meera and Bhimbai are concerned for Dhruv but Bala assures them that he isn’t afraid of anyone.

Dhruv stands his ground when Mangesh and his friends pour oil all over the house. He runs inside and closes the door from inside. Mangesh asks him to come out but Dhruv tells him to set the house on fire if he wants to. I will try to protect this house the best I can. Mangesh tells him not to lose his mind for these people. Dhruv stays put. Mangesh convinces his allies to come back later. There would be nothing in this house anyways. They walk away.

Ram ji checks around the bridge but does not find Madhvi there.

Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal what happened at Sakpal house. Dhansukhlal fumes. We will take care of them later. Find Madhvi first. He hears Madhvi’s father threatening Madhvi’s life. We wont leave unless we cut you in pieces today! Madhvi covers her mouth to save herself.

Bhima is also looking for Madhvi in the bushes. I know you are afraid right now that’s why you are hiding away.

Madhvi hides in a different place. Villagers refuse to leave unless they find her. Bhima finds Madhvi and takes her to a corner. Till when will you run? Let’s go back home. She refuses to go back to a place where she was about to be attacked. Everyone was quiet. I heard Baba saying that he will kill me the moment he finds me. I cannot go back to that house, that society or their beliefs. Go to your home. You have everyone by your side. My parents are my enemy. I wont go back even if it means that I must go away from my family. Bhima recalls his Baba telling him and Anand about Savitri Ba Phule’s Ashram. He tells Madhvi he has an idea. We must go to Pune to Savitri Ba Phule’s Ashram. You will be able to do everything there. Madhvi likes the idea. How will I go there? Bhima says we must reach station somehow. We can leave in a train. They hear Mangesh telling everyone to look carefully. Bhima tells Madhvi to be cautious.

Puranjan and a few other villagers are guarding Puranjan’s house. Bhimbai cries. I kept telling Bhima to not get into this. Those villagers are hell bent upon this matter. He does not listen to me. Puranjan assures her that no one can stand in front of Ram ji and Bhima. They will be fine. Bhimbai wants to check on them but Meera and Bala reassure her that they will be fine. Bhimbai cries harder.

Ram ji finds Bhima and Madhvi. Are you both fine? Did someone saw you? He asks Bhima to go to Ganga’s house and advises Madhvi to go to her relative’s house. You can come back when things mellow down. Bhima denies. Didi will go to Savitri Bai Phule’s Ashram following your advice. Ram ji asks him how they will go alone. Bhima asks him to come along but Ram ji reasons that he cannot leave their family behind right now. Bhima says Didi is being attacked by people of her own community. She wont be safe here. madhvi tells them to go home. I will go to Pune on my own. Bhima is reluctant but Kaki steps forward. I will take her with me. Bhima tells his Baba about her. Ram ji says no one will let you live here upon return. She says why would I come back from a place where people respect widows. I will keep Madhvi with me. Bhima asks her if it is correct to leave her son behind. She says I have been thinking about what if’s my entire life. Now I want to do what’s right. A widow can be of any age, her life is equally difficult. I found out about this in the evening and I realised that it is Madhvi only. I dint know it that I will help myself by helping her. Bhima tells Madhvi to take care.

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