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Constituency is not just some books for the lawyers but it is for all of us.

Bheema, Bala and Anand are returning home. Bheema’s brothers tell him to relax a little. Childhood is also about chasing birds, stealing fruits, plucking fruits and a lot more stuff. Bala gets tempted about plucking fruits. Bheema calls it wrong but Anand says even birds bite off some fruits. Bheema refuses to go with them. They ask him if he isn’t their brother. Bheema says I am not if you are doing something wrong. Anand suggests plucking baer from a nearby bush. Bala gets excited.

Puranjan tells Ram ji they can pick the sacks of grains here but we must hide about our community. A guy greets Puranjan at his shop. Puranjan says my community is different. The guy says community might be lower but work is work. Ram ji tells Puranjan to go. I wont lie. The guy tells him to keep quiet while doing his work. Even I don’t step inside Munshi’s house. He makes them meet the Munshi and they all begin their work. Ram ji thinks of the old days for a minute and stops in his tracks as he lifts a sack.

Anand and Bala are headed to the bush. A few kids warn them that the gardener wont spare you if he comes here. Anand says I have seen goats roaming freely here. They tell him that they must be from the upper community and leave. Bheema asks Bala if goats also come from a community. Bala denies. He tells him to lookout and inform them if he sees anyone coming. Anand is worried about being caught but Bala assures him they will be fine.

Bhimbai gives her jewellery to her SIL. Sell them. I know that Ram ji tried to mortgage the jewellery yesterday. If he would have succeeded, there must be interest. He wont be able to pay it. Meera says everything will be fine once his pension starts coming. Bhimbai says even I want that. I wont be able to wear them when my husband is in problem. Meera points out that she has to get the girls married. Meera tells Manjula and Tulsa to go outside. we are talking about something important. The girls tell her that their parents’ happiness is their priority. Marriage comes later in the picture. Bhimbai hugs them. One need not worry about money when the kids of the house are like these. Meera agrees. Bhimbai tells her to be back before Ram ji comes.

Bheema notices the gardener coming and alerts his brothers. Bala and Anand are able to run fast but Bheema is running slowly. Gardener shouts thief. Bheema stops in his tracks the moment he hears him say that. Bala and Anand try to take Bheema with them but he stays put. Gardener asks them what they stole. Bheema says this is jungle. I have seen goats roaming here. Gardener says I wouldn’t have come running here if it was a jungle only. Bala apologizes to him. you can take them back. Gardener refuses to take or sell it. Bala reasons that they are wild. Even goats can eat them. Gardener calls them wild. Those goats are from a bigger community. I will take money for this fruit from your Subedar father now! Anand rues that they got caught because of Bheema.

Puranjan and Ram ji get their daily wage. They thank the guy who had helped them get the job. The guy leaves after telling them to come tomorrow too. Puranjan and Ram ji speak of the importance of money. Puranjan tells Ram ji to treat him today. Ram ji gladly agrees. They notice Ram ji’s kids with the gardener approaching them. Gardener tells Ram ji that his kids have stolen fruits from his tree. I pay for those trees. Puranjan tells him to let it be. They are kids. Bala says we are willing to return it but the guy refuses. I want my money! Ram ji asks him how much he owes him. The guy quotes the price (which turns out to be the entire amount he has earned). Puranjan argues but the guy tells them to teach their kids well. Ram ji gives money to the guy who spreads his cloth and asks him to keep it from above. Ram ji tells him not to take money from people by fooling them. The guy taunts them for speaking too much and leaves.

Puranjan asks the kids why they dint run away before getting caught. I used to run away when I was your age. Bheema says I was running but I dint run when he called me thief. I am not a thief. Puranjan tells Ram ji that his son is just like him. Bheema apologizes to his father. I wont do it again. Bala says we two are at fault. Bheema dint want to come with us. I thought these are wild fruits only. Ram ji says it is okay. Let’s trust the gardener for his words. This is your first mistake. If you repeat it again then there wont be any forgiveness. The kids nod their heads in unison. Guru is overhears the last bit of conversation. Ram ji sends them home. Guru ji walks up to Ram ji. This is your son’s problem. He thinks a lot. Tell him not to over think. He relates the entire incident to Ram ji and Puranjan. Ram ji says how will the kid grow in life if he wont think after being at such a place in our community. He fell down today while thinking but tomorrow, he will shake the world out of their slumber.

Puranjan buys tea for Ram ji. You shouldn’t have given all your earnings to that gardener for wild fruits. Ram ji says I know he was wrong in quoting that price but he would have questioned me and would have spread rumours against my family. He would have taunted my kids too. They might in turn end up stealing more fruits to teach him a lesson. But today they saw their Baba paying money for their small mistake. They wont do anything like this ever again fearing that someone might try to label them as thieves again.

Bheema says I feel bad as Baba had to give his wages to that gardener because of our mistake.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Bheema saves his brother from hurting himself by falling over the lantern while studying. The lantern blows out and there is no more oil at home. Ram ji says how my kids will study now. Bheema worries that he will be punished again tomorrow if he wont memorize the lesson tonight. He picks his book and notices light coming from a lantern from a house nearby. He sits down to study but the guy taunts him and takes the lantern back inside leaving Bheema in the dark.

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Telecast Date: 1st January 2020
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