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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th October 2020 Ram ji, Puranjan and Bhima help a fellow villager who is affected by plague. Ambedkar ji tells them that camps have been placed in between the villages. It is a little far from here. Don’t touch the patient directly. Cover your hands and feet well. Ram ji nods. The guy lies down in a white cloth and then they lift him in a cot. The guy begs for his life. Ram ji assures him that they will take care of him.

Bhima tells everyone to stand at a distance and cover their mouths. A guy says we are about to die anyways. Bhima says let’s take precautions while we still can. He asks Guru ji what they should do. Guru ji suggests lighting fire as the mosquitoes don’t come near smoke. He tells Bhima to ask the villagers to light fire here and goes to inform others.

A guy tells Dhansukhlal that 2 more people have caught plague in their area. Dhansukhlal tells him to stay away. Do you want me to be affected too? He says I wanted to let you know what’s going on. Dhansukhlal tells him to inform everyone that it is Ram ji’s daughter who brought plague in this town. Create such circumstances that people will hate Ram ji and his family once the plague is over. They see Ram ji and Puranjan taking the guy to hospital. Dhansukhlal says that place isn’t meant for people like them. Let’s head to hospital.

A guy catches plague and starts coughing, writhing in pain on the ground. Villagers get scared. Bhima asks them to help him take the guy to hospital but they refuse. Bhima tells the guy to be positive but he speaks of death. Bhima asks someone to help him or this guy will die. He encourages the guy to be strong. Think about your family. Get up. Let’s go to hospital. The guy gets up with difficulty. Bhima guides him. Villagers look on helplessly.

Ram ji and Puranjan bring the guy to hospital. Doc asks them to take the patient inside. Don’t touch him and cover your faces well. Dhansukhlal and other villagers reach there just then. They threaten the doc in the name of caste. We will oust you from our society. Ram ji and Puranjan try to convince the doc but Dhansukhlal speaks against it. They are the ones who brought plague to our town after all. Ram ji is surprised to see Bhima there. Bhima tells about the other guy who got affected by plague. Dhansukhlal warns the doc not to treat those guys. All medicines, doc, hospital belongs to people from higher community! Bhima says they also belong to humanity. Puranja seconds him. Doc says I am from their community first and I became a doc later. I will do as they say. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh take pride in it. We will atleast lose a few from their community this way. Dhansukhlal asks doc to come with them. People from our community are infected as well and need your help. Let these people understand that caste is above everything else. They leave.

Ram ji and Bhima remind Doc of his duty. You took an oath to save lives. You dint decide to only help people from one community at that time. Don’t look away today. Plague affects people from all communities. Why are you treating only one community then? Doc says I am helpless. Bhima says we are more helpless than you. We have only you. Puranjan requests doc to save humanity. Dhansukhlal threatens the doc once again. Doc tries to explain to Ram ji but he cuts him mid sentence. Don’t treat them if you don’t want to. Tell me which medicine should be given to the patients. I learnt that during my job. Dhansukhlal tells the doc against it. Bhima asks docs again. Ram ji folds his hands. Doc asks Ram ji to bring medicines from a drawer. Dhansukhlal tells doc now he will be punished by their society. Bhima says the biggest punishment for him will be when someone is unable to get treated by him after all the knowledge by him. A doctor’s enmity is with disease and not a patient. Puranjan tells Bhima to let it be. They don’t understand the importance of education. Ram ji brings medicines. Doc goes to guide him as to how to use them.

Bhimbai asks Ganga to have food. You have to take medicine too. Ganga says nothing will happen to me today. I wont die of hunger or by not taking a medicine. It would have happened long ago if it had to. Bhimbai tells her not to say such things. Would we let anything happen to you? Her siblings also request her to eat something. Ganga tries to walk away but they request her to eat something. Bala says we aren’t smart like Bhima. We don’t know what the right thing to say right now is. Anand says we also don’t know how to convince you to eat. Manjula says he would have found some option to make you eat something if he was here but he isn’t here right now. They request her to eat something. Bhimbai says time has snatched a lot from us. Now we must gather whatever is left. Your entire family is with you. Please eat something. Ganga hugs her mother and cries. Meera tells them that everyone is getting affected by plague right now. Ganga says all women will lose their husbands like me. Meera agrees. no one is willing to help anyone in this condition. What will Bhima and Bhaiya do? This disease is spreading like wildfire. Let’s bring them back. Bhimbai denies. We all should ideally do what they are doing. If our small effort can save someone’s life then we will be at peace. Your Bhaiya is right. There is no point living your life for yourself. Ganga wouldn’t have been in this condition if anyone had dared to take my SIL to hospital. She decides to join her husband and son so she can also help others. Meera asks her where she is going. Bhimbai says our life has not given anything to us. The motive of our life will be fulfilled if we are able to help someone. Let me go and help my husband. She leaves.

Bhimbai notices the condition of other people of their community. A woman starts vomiting. Others rue that she wont survive now. Bhimbai advises them to take her to hospital. We should also stay near hospital so we can be saved. Don’t waste time thinking. We must go right now!

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