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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th July 2022 episode Joshi told Bhim Rao that Sarla’s in laws burnt to death. He blamed Bhim Rao and Rama for their death. Joshi saw Guruji entering the class. He laughed, Bhim Rao questioned.

Joshi said that he was joking, he was imagining what would have happened if the in laws would have actually burnt to death. Joshi went to class. Bhim Rao came to class, teacher scolded him for being late.

Bhim Rao explained that Joshi stopped him outside so that he would get late. Joshi said that everyone knows that Joshi doesn’t want Bhim Rao to study, Bhim Rao should have fell in his trap. Everyone taunted Bhim Rao’s intellect. Guruji asked Bhim Rao to leave. Bhim Rao came out disappointed at himself while the teacher started new chapter.

Bhim Rao came out, he wiped his sweats. He wrote down in his book everyone being against his education. Another Guruji cane and inquired why Bhim Rao wasn’t in his class. Bhim Rao didn’t understand as well, he has developed an inconvenient relationship with his education. He told about him about Joshi’s lie and everyone supporting that lie.

Guruji wanted to talk to principle about it. Bhim Rao said that it would be of no use, he talked to Principle about it but got no help. Guruji was concerned as exams were near. Bhim Rao said that he has to find a way by which no one would ever dare stop a lower caste from educating. Guruji offered Bhim Rao to contact him in case of any help.

Sarla’s mother came in yelling at her, she gave Sarla an ultimatum to return home or else she would get her husband to another woman. Sarla questioned, her mother in law threatened her.

Bhabi asked Sarla to return home, she would have no respect in this society if her husband left her. Daliya asked Sarla not to focus on Bhabi’s advice rather she should wait for Ramji, Bhim Rao and Rama returns. They would help her. Hitesh taunted, said that they have only caused destruction.

Ramji was waiting for Rama and Lakshmi to return from Bala’s place. He wondered how Bala and his wife would be now. Meera, Rama and Lakshmi came back. Ramji questioned. Rama informed him that Bala shifted.

The neighbors informed them that Bala took her wife somewhere and left him somewhere. Some people informed that Bala had no bandage on him as well. Ramji recalled his conversation with Bhim Rao in which he told that Bala has always pretended to fell sick when caught in trouble. Ramji asked everyone to go home, he would check on Bala himself.

Ramji went to Bala’s workplace. Ramji questioned him about his wife. Bala said that she was his wife, he would decide where she would live. Bala’s Sethji questioned why the worker was talking to him, asked if he didn’t want to work. Bala said that there was no issue.

Bala asked Ramji to work and earn, not waste his time questioning about Bala’s wife. Ramji asked Bala for the hammer in his hand. Ramji sat down to work. Another worker asked Ramji what he was thinking. Ramji wondered if there was any hammer that could mend the worldly matters. Bala said to himself that Ramji was unnecessarily worried about him, he would never do anything to disrespect his father.

Bhim Rao was crossing through a neighborhood where he saw a man being mocked. He was mentally not well. The man saw Bhim Rao’s banner and threw it away. The man left, Bhim Rao understood that the man was literate. Bhim Rao went after the man, asked him to teach him. The man refused, he asked Bhim Rao not to follow him.

Meera was worried about Bala’s wife. Bhabi said that she would come on day like Sarla’s mother in law to inform that Bala married another woman. Meera asked her not to speak badly. Bhbai asked about the bad being done Sarla whose husband was going to marry another woman. Joshi came, he taunted Bhim Rao for wasting his life destroying other people’s life. Rama said she was wasting her time asking Joshi not to meddle in their life.

Joshi said that he came here for Sarla. He told that all matter would be resolved if Sarla apologises to her in laws. She was conditioned to bow down and ask for forgiveness. Sarla stop up, said that there will be an apology

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