Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th April 2021 episode starts with Gopal asking Bala for a bucket of water. He and his father are thirsty, and they have to build a house for themselves here. Bhima asked Gopal not to be stubborn and let everyone help them. Gopal insisted saying that he needs tot start a new life, his mother has always taught him to be strong. Puranjan agrees with Gopal and left. Bala brings a bucket of water, Gopal recognizes him for his excellent skills in playing flute pipes. Gopal says that everyone praised his skills. Everyone left. Gopal was determined to interfere in Bhima’s every talk and mold it in his own terms. His guardian praises him for his first win against Bhima, he has everyone go against Bhima for helping them today.

Bhima was asking his father that Gopal was wrong, in future people will refuse to help each other. Ramji asked him not to overthink. Ramji left with Seth ji for his work.

Maharaj was giving Gopal a bath for touching Bhima; he will be given bath every time he touches anyone of the lower cast. Maharaj was happy that Gopal has imprinted his personality on Bhima. Seth ji said that Gopal would have to take this bath every day. he was ready to do so, he will do anything to free this village from the lower cast. Gopal took a leave. Maharaj said that for their next move they will target Gopal and see its impact.

Ramji and Bhima were in strolling cart. Bhima was told by his Seth ji to stroll the cart in direction of Ramji, he will sell wherever Ramji is selling. Bhima asked him not to do so as it is very unethical and professional. Seth ji didn’t want a lecture and horridly asked Bhima to follow his orders.

Gopal was praying. Puranjan came sating that they do not believe in such prayer, he is doing it similar to the upper cast. Bala agreed. Guardian inquired. Puranjan opposed this prayer since the upper cast has kept the actual God locked inside a temple, restricting their entry. He said, that based on their God they have differentiated between the upper and lower cast, they claim to be superior and better having all rights to read, write, educate, own and build. Gopal replied who taught them all this. Puranjan said that it doesn’t matter who taught them what matters is that it is truth. Gopal membered to trigger Bala so he turned to him asking that has he prayed in his life or didn’t because Bhima asked him not to as he is the only one intelligently confident enough to ask someone not to pray. Puranjan said he used to pray but let it go when he understood. Gopal asked Bala that Bhima might be wrong. The Guardian asked him that it is not necessary to consider something wrong, they can believe in their truth at least. Gopal said that he has been praying with his mother since childhood, praying brings him peace. He said that it might be possible that Bhima finds solace in not praying which can be the reason he has asked everyone no to worship while everyone else do find it peaceful, especially Bala. Puranjan said then they must do it inside the temple, as he is a part of this society, he must be given the right to pray within the temple. Gopal again said that if Bhima told him that. Bala agreed, he questioned what is wrong in that. Gopal said that in the past people used to pray outside the temple as well, he said that some people are made to worship the God while some are born to protect him, but this concept changed with time and created differences just what Bhima is doing. Bhima’s words are accepted blindly without question. Meera said that Bhima never intended to do so, he has not detached someone from Praying but he questioned the brutal reality of society of differentiating the people of lower society. Meera said they have been praying for centuries but nothing changed, they have been living like hell forever. Gopal said this differentiation is a societal curse God has nothing to do with it and for that Gd must not be questioned.

Ramji and Bhima were forced to fight against each other, Seth ji asked Bhima to shout louder and earn more for Ramji’s loss.

Gopal was convincing everyone that Bhima is wrong. The Guardian asked Bala to rethink that Bhima might have said thins differently to highlight himself form the others . Puranjan sked them not to hurdle their life. Bala said it is possible for Bhima to be wrong.

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