Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th November 2022 Rama asked Bhim Rao’s motive, asked if the quilt would bring Meera and Jijabai inside. Bhim Rao told Rama that their whenever they fight it ends within a day or half, because as husband and wife they love and care for each other. Their fights make them worry about each other the most,

they care fear to losing each other. Meera and Jijabai need to care for each other right now. They have a relationship; they will fear losing each other as well. Bhim Rao asked Rama to wait. Bala’s wife told that Ramji was inviting them for dinner. Bhim Rao refused to eat until Meer and Jijabai comes inside.

Jijabai was feeling cold, so was Meera. Jijabai tried to cover herself with her clothes. Meera got up, she gave Jijabai the quilt and left. Bhim Rao knew that Meera would do that. Rama recalled Bhim Rao’s word. Rama went to Jijabai; she woke her up. Jijabai said that she will not die of cold and hunger. Rama made her realize that she was wearing a quilt. Jijabai questioned, said that Rama and Bhim Rao don’t have to make her a fool. Rama told that Meera gave her the quilt.

Jijabai got up. Rama said that Jijabai was older and more experienced than her. She knew Meera more than Jijabai. Rama asked Jijabai to understand that Meera was only mad at her, she still considered her a part of this family. Bala’s wife shouted that Meera fell on the ground. Jijabai got all worried for her. She than saw Meera coming from the other side. Jijabai asked how Meera fell. Bala’s wife told that Meera didn’t fell.

They just wanted to see if Jijabai would stop herself from caring or not. Jijabai couldn’t do that, just like Meera couldn’t stop herself from giving her the quilt. Rama told that they both cared for each other, they can resolve their issues inside the house. Ramji told that none of them had dinner. They were all waiting for them to come inside.

Meera asked Jijabai for her sympathy. Jijabai can be sympathetic too.

Ramji said that the small things can bring people together, just like a quilt. They all ate dinner together.

Next morning, Hitesh, Joku and Janardan wondered where Jijabai and Meera were. They thought that they both ran away. Ramji was leaving for market. Hitesh taunted Ramji for his family and their drama. Ramji replied that all families fight. Hitesh asked Ramji to buy medicines, Bala was still on the run.

Ramji might need medicine for the damage. Ramji silently left. Bala’s wife was standing behind. She called Phuliya, asked her to take her husband away who was talking against her family. She asked Phuliya to take him away for things will get worse. Phuliya asked Joku to come upstairs, she made tea for him. Hitesh and men were offended, they asked what Bala’s wife can do to them.

Bala’s wife started laughing. Janardan called her for being shameless, she was laughing when her husband left him. He asked if that’s what Bhim Rao and Rama taught her. Karola said that she wanted them to know that her laughs better. She can laugh at them and their family every day, but she doesn’t because she lives in a chawl with everyone. They must care for each other rather than making fun their issues. That’s what Karola learned from Bhim Rao and Rama. Chawl members clapped in Karola’s appreciation. They assured that she would win the challenge against Bala.

Bhim Rao was determined to make Bala lose this challenge.

Ramji asked a man about Joshi. He knew that Bala would be with Joshi and Varchand. Ramji refused to go home until he finds Bala. He wanted to make Bala pay for what he did. Ramji saw Bala with Joshi and Varchand. Ramji called Bala. Varchand and Joshi asked Bala to run away, he must not get caught. Bala ran away. Ramji went after him. Varchand sent his men to stop Ramji.
Ramji ran after Bala; he asked Bala to stop. Bala refused to stop. Ramji was determined to bring him back today.

Varchand and Joshi decided to go after Ramji and see what was happening. Chawl members heard Joshi and Varchand. They decided to inform other chawl members that Ramji was bringing Bala back.
Meera wondered where Ramji was. Jijabai said that Ramji was gone for quiet a while. She asked Jijabai to call Bhim Rao, Rama or Karola to bring their father back. Meera questioned, asked Ramji wasn’t her husband or rest weren’t her family members to respond to. Meera said tha no one is her enemy. Jijabai didn’t care who was her enemy, she had only one enemy. That was Bhim Rao.

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