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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th February 2020 Episode Start With Anand asks Bheema to come with him. Bheema says those who were watching it weren’t educated. What’s the use of studying if they were? Bala tells him not to say so but Bheema runs away. Anand and Bala shout after him. Bheema does not stop so they pick his school bag.

Puranjan and Ram ji are also discussing how no one could take a stand for that woman. Narayan taunts Ram ji by calling him retired Subedar. You are shameless! You have been saying that you can protect people. That woman died and you are back to your work. Our community does not care if such women die but it is a shame to know that that is the case with you too. It gives me happiness though as now you know your place in society. I am sure you now know you must not support those who we oust! You can neither save someone nor get the culprits punished. I am thrilled seeing you this way. I would have been happier if you were in pain! Ram ji says it does matter to me. Don’t worry. I will go as far as I want to. I will make sure the culprit gets punished. Do whatever you want to save him but you wont be able to do it! This is the promise of Retired Subedar. He walks away followed by Puranjan. Narayan thinks Ram ji cannot be trusted. He can do anything. I must tell the villagers. We should do something about him before he can do anything!

Guru ji asks the kids to take out their books. Bheema asks him what is the use of studying when educated people actually let people hurt a woman and stand as mere spectators. Everyone says this is a very old school. Those who are educated must have studied from here only yet they are supporting what’s wrong. What’s the use of studies then? I don’t want to study! From now onwards, I will not come to school! He walks out of the class but Guru ji tells him to understand. If you weren’t educated then you wouldn’t have been upset because of what happened. If you want this fire to burn inside you then don’t stop studying. Everyone looks on. Guru ji says there is a big difference in getting educated and in actually becoming knowledgeable. One must gain education through books and this school only so it is very important. Principal says there have been fools and illiterates in the past and there would be some fools and illiterates in the future too but then there are also those who bring about the change. You are very young to understand a lot many things but trust us when we tell you that an education person has the power to change the outlook of the society. Please go to your classroom. He walks in followed by Bala and Anand. Guru ji tells Principal he is sure Bheema will do some miracle one day. Principal nods in affirmation.

Narayan tells villagers he is sure Ram ji will do something to trouble them. He will use his previous post to do something. They ask him what they should do. Narayan says let’s approach police captain before Ram ji does anything. We should get him arrested. That woman was ousted by our community. How could Ram ji do her last rites when we had ousted her from our community? Let’s make religion our main point. Mangesh seconds him. An old man says our silence today will give a wrong lesson to Ram ji and his family. They decide to file a case with police captain.

Police captain arrests Ram ji. Who told you to intervene in her societal or communal matters? Who told you to do her last rites? Ram ji becomes speechless. They take Ram ji with them. Villagers look on quietly. Puranjan asks the shopkeeper to do something but he refuses. You both hid truth about your caste and expect me to help you? Leave now! Their faces don’t give away their truth. Now I wont tell anyone anything. I should go and bathe.

Guru ji asks Bheema why he isn’t eating. Bheema says no food was cooked at home today so I haven’t brought it. Guru ji offers him some of his lunch but Bheema says I am not hungry. I keep thinking of Kaki. Guru ji reasons that she wont return this way. You will fall ill otherwise. Lower your hand. Bheema recalls how they have been treated differently. He looks at peon pouring water to someone from his caste from above. He spreads his hands. Guru ji drops food from a certain height. He doesn’t really touch his hands and leaves.

Anand and Bala walk up to Bheema. Anand asks him from where he got food. Bheema says Guru ji gave it. He divides it in 3 parts and shares with his brothers. Bheema suddenly notices police taking their Baba. Bala and Anand look back and are in shock. Even Guru ji notices Ram ji.

Puranjan informs Sakpal family about Ram ji’s arrest.

Midway, villagers stop police captain. He asks them to move aside but Narayan says let us watch the face of the person who opposes our community. Ram ji tells police captain to let them see. Let them find out that waves move away from shore to come back with a greater force. Narayan says you will know the truth soon, Subedar. Bheema asks police captain why he has arrested their Baba. Ram ji asks Guru ji to take the boys home. Guru ji asks them to come but Bheema refuses. He questions police captain who asks him why Ram ji did the last rites of that woman. Bheema says villagers dint do it so Baba did it. He asks Guru ji to answer. Mangesh looks at him pointedly. Guru ji remains silent. Bala says trust us we aren’t lying. What else could we have done? Narayan says you should have let her be there for days. You thought she is an animal and did her last rites! Ram ji says it is you who are an animal and refused to do the last rites of that lady. Bhimbai says she was ousted by them and was called characterless but now that she is dead, she is again a part of their society. Police captain says law doesn’t intervene in that. Bhimbai reasons that they were a part of it. Take all of us to jail. One villager tells police captain to arrest everyone. They shouldn’t try to take a stand against us in future. Meera agrees but Ram ji says I did it on my own. I am your culprit if you think it was a crime. My family told me against it but I dint pay heed to their words. I am a culprit. He tells Bhimbai to take the kids home. She cries. Why are you doing this? Do you want us to go home leaving you alone? She begs police captain but Ram ji tells her not to do so. She stands there firmly. Ram ji gives her his swear. She moves aside reluctantly. Police takes Ram ji away. Sakpal family watches him leave sadly.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Bheema tells Bhimbai not to beg the villagers. I will get Baba out of jail. Ambedkar ji tells Bheema he cannot take them to Barrister. Bheema asks him to share the address of Barrister. I will meet him on his own. Ladies of Sakpal family request villagers to help them bring Ram ji home. Mangesh says they are begging us here while her boys are meeting a Barrister at this very moment. A junior lawyer points Bheema, Bala and Anand in Barrister’s direction.

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Telecast Date: 17th February 2020
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