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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th November 2022 Ramji forbids Jijabai from misbehaving with Meera. Jijabai questioned Meera’s tone with her. Meera didn’t care, said that Jijabai can not enter the house. Jijabai challenged Meera. Rama questioned them both. Ramji asked everyone to come inside, let Jijabai and Meera be where they are. Bhim Rao, Rama, and Ramji went inside. Anand asked Lakshmi to go to their home. Hitesh taunted Ramji and his dramatic house. He and everyone else returned to their work.

Bala sat regretting the case being cancelled, it would buy him a pass out of the 10 days challenge. He didn’t want to lose to Bhim Rao again. Joshi interfered, said that Bala will lose. He and his Anand support Bhim Rao despite having difference of opinion. Bhim Rao uses them, makes them weak. Joshi asked him to turn against him for once. Bala asked what Joshi earned being his enemy, he never won.

Joshi blamed Bhim Rao’s family for his lose. Jijabai came to him for help but turned her back on them last moment. He helped Lakshmi, tried to make him a contract labor but she left their support as well. Bala above all refused to join forces with Joshi at any cost. He asked Bala who he would avenge Bhim Rao. Bala was out of ideas. Joshi told him to act. He was willing to help Bala.

He asked Bala to do what he says. Joshi told Bala to leave the city for three days. Joshi would make an excuse in his behalf. After three days the challenge will end, and Bala would be a winner. Bala said that one can leave for work anytime. Joshi threw money, said that’s what he got form the work he would do for three days. Bala took that money as loan. Bala left. Joshi was pleased to be going side by side with Bhim Rao. While Bhim Rao continues with his efforts to make things write Joshi ought to prove him wrong.

Ramji let Jijabai and Meera be alone with each other to understand their narratives. They were too caught in their anger that talking them out of it would be useless. If we leave them alone for a while, together, they will calm down. Rama said that Jijabai left the case, took back the allegation.

Jijabai fixed herself, she asked if it was, they should talk about the adoption or not. Bhim Rao told Ramji that Jijabai took steps back for Ramji, she came back for her husband. Bhim Rao wanted Ramji to take a step forward for Jijabai. Ramji didn’t think the same. He wished not to discuss the same matter every day. Rama questioned. Ramji asked her to make Jijabai’s favorite dish.

Jijabai and Meera were sitting outside the house. Deepak’s mother served them tea. She said that their behavior would effect everyone in their house. Jijabai accepted her mistake, she was wrong, but she never mistreated Meera. Meera reminded that she forced Ramji to marry Jijabai. It was Meera who brought Jijabai home, treated her the same way Bhimabai was treated. It was because of Jijabai’s misbehavior that Meera stopped her from going inside. Jijabai can not live according to Meera.

Meera questioned, refused to live according to Jijabai. Deepak’s mother left. Meera asked Jijabai to drink the hot tea, it will burn her mouth just like Jijabai burnt the house. Jijabai said that she wouldn’t have retuned if she wanted to burn the house. Deepak came home, said that Bala left. He gave some money for his wife. Bhim Rao knew that he didn’t leave for work but ran away in the last three days of challenge.

Bala considered her decision the best one he made. Him staying away would keep him away from the challenge. He sent half money to his wife, the rest were enough for him to spend three days in.

Joku, Hitesh praised Bala for being caring towards his wife. He found work and sent her money. Bala’s wife took the money from Deepak. She asked Joku and others if money was all that made a man good husband. Sethji gives money as well. People will give her money if she begs. Money was not her criteria for a good husband. She questioned Joku, said that he gives Phuliya money but the wound he gave her wont be healed from that money. Nobody can understand the damage Bala has done to her.

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