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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th January 2020 Episode Start With We are not servants. Self-respect is very important for a man with ideals.

Bheema is thinking about Surendra. He thinks of how Surendra supported him in front of his school and in front of the villagers. You were and will always remain my friend. We will meet again if we get a chance.

Bala leaves the house in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping. Next morning, no one is able to find Bala anywhere. Manjula taunts Anand for fighting with Bala yesterday. Anand reasons that brothers do fight. How does this change anything? Tulsa says you are younger to him. You should have remained calm. They all head in different directions to look for Bala. Bheema asks a few villagers if they have seen Bala. One of them replies that they heard that one guy jumped into the pond and committed suicide. Bhimbai says it cannot be. They mock her. That pond is empty. Would he have hurt his head on a stone? She requests them not to make fun of them like this. They reply that mere encounter with them has spoiled their entire day already. Why do we care where your son is? He must have died! Go. Bheema tells his mother to resume their search instead.

Bala requests the music group to let him stay with them. Their leader pushes him away saying we aren’t going to feed you! Narayan recognizes him to be Ram ji’s son and smiles seeing his condition. He asks the leader why he hit Bala. He asks Bala if he is Ram ji’s son and Bheema’s brother. Bala nods. Narayan advises the troupe to keep him with them. He is very talented. He will play well. I like artists like him. Meet me in my shop later. We will talk things out. The leader nods. Bala thanks him. narayan thinks Nam ji is very proud of his kids. One of your kids gave up studies to play music. I will drive Bheema away from studies very soon too. Just wait and watch!

Ram ji returns home and calls out to everyone. Manjula and Tulsa hug him and cry. He requests them not to leave them alone. He pats at their heads. I had to go. Is there something else? They tell him everything. He is baffled at the reason because of which the villagers were ready to set the house on fire. Meera says thankfully Puranjan came on time with police or you would have seen our dead bodies. You said this is a nice town but people don’t care about us here. No one cares about the people of our caste in this society. He asks about Bhimbai. They inform him that she is looking for Bala. Meera tries to divert the topic but he insists to know about Bala. Meera narrates the rest of the incident to him. You know how much Bala loves music. He has left the house because of the same reason! Ram ji is stunned.

Bhimbai, Anand and Anand continue looking for Bala. They meet Narayan on their way. He tells them that Bala wont hear them. He is learning music with the troupe. It is a good work. You both can learn it too. It is a decent job. Why would your father otherwise come to mortgage his wife’s jewellery? Anand says I did try to stop him. Bheema nods. He wont listen. Bhimbai takes them with her.

Bala thinks of yesterday’s incident / his fight with his brother as he plays the instrument. Troupe leader tells him to forget everything and play from his heart. Bala happily obliges. Bhimbai is on her way to their place with her other 2 sons. They look at Bala as he plays the instrument. He stops playing as he notices them at the door. Bhimbai asks him to step outside. Bala keeps the instrument aside and goes out. I will stay here only and play. I don’t enjoy studies. Let these two study. Bheema asks him what he is saying. Anand says let him stay here. he doesn’t love us. Anand retorts that he indeed doesn’t love them. Bhimbai asks him to come home but he refuses. Ram ji repeatedly slaps him. Bala cries but repeats that he will only play music. Bhimbai fails in stopping them. Ram ji takes him home. Bala repeats his wish but Ram ji scolds him. I have been toiling day and night to make you all a big man but you are only aiming to play music. Anyone from our background can easily become a musician but I have been trying to make you do what no one from our society has done! Bala tries to explain but Bhimbai tells him not to argue. Meera tries to make him understand but Bala insists he does not understand anything. Bheema can study as he likes it. I like playing music. I will do that only. Ram ji continues to scold him. Meera takes Bala outside. Bhimbai cries.

Bala is crying outside. Meera tells him to listen to his Baba. He cares about all of you. Study up to your capability but do study. Your Baba has only one dream. He wants his kids to become something one day. Please. She hugs him.

Ram ji questions Anand and Bheema why they dint ask him if they had to pay school fees. Bhimbai tries to explain but he sternly tells her that he hasn’t asked her to answer. Anand says it was my idea. Bheema isn’t at fault. Ram ji says I am your father. I know which of my sons is capable of what. He again asks Bheema if he thought his Baba will not be able to do it. Bheema denies. You are our inspiration. You lost your job and Aai’s jewellery has been sold too. I thought we can spend some time after school to earn some money. Ram ji kneels down. Don’t think like that ever again. You can think of earning when your Baba is no more. I will sell every drop of my blood but I wont let you guys miss onto anything. We will face anything but just study hard and become something when you grow up. Have faith on your parents. We will take care of the obstacles that will come in your way. He walks out sadly. Bhimbai hugs her kids.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Bala has thrown / torn his books. Bheema informs his Baba about it. Bala is practising with his troupe. Bala puts the knife on his neck as he notices Ram ji approaching him. I will slit my throat. Go away, Baba. His family looks at him in shock.

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Telecast Date: 16th January 2020
Distributed By : And Tv and Zee5


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