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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th April 2021 Ramji and Bhima stood in front of each other strolling the cart. Bhima asked Ramji that was it him strolling the cart the other day. Seth Ji asked Ramji to tell Bhima and Anand not to work for the rivals. Bhima looked at his owner, Seth ji told him that Bhima took an oath. Ramji asked him not to be a rival to person who fed them. Bhima refused to do so, as he has taken an oath. Anand was asked to leave Bhima’s side. Annand. Pandit was happy seeing the difficult situation between father and son. Ramji said that he cannot ask his children to leave each other’s side. Bhima left, strolling the cart. Pandit humiliated Ramji for creating drama to gain sympathy. He must have told his family about his job, he told Seth ji that he is being played by Ramji to earn money from both ends. Seth ji asked Ramji that he doubts Bhima’s intention. Ramji interrupted that he has never told Bhima bout his work, that’s the reason he hid the day before when Bhima arrived asking Seth ji to lie about his presence. Ramji further added that as he has promised to work until they earn their shop back. Ramji started strolling.

Bhima questioned Seth ji for hiding the truth from them before employment, Anand backed Bhima as they have been lied to. Seth ji defended himself, he is a businessman, he needed someone to protect himself from the rival party for which Bhima was the only option against his father.

While at home, Anand praised Bhima for his steadiness. Bala condemned Bhima’s decision, Seth ji took an oath knowing that Ramji is Bhima’s father. Bhima asked him not to judge the truthfulness of the oath he took, though he was tricked into it. Bala considered his decision wrong. Anand supported Bhima. Ramji came in, he asked Bhima not to go to work from tomorrow. Ramji has promised Seth ji to help him return his shop. Bhima refused saying that he has also promised his Seth ji. Bala infuriated, stood up questioning Bhima on his manners. Ramji let Bhima talk. Ramji said that after severe thinking he has conclude that one of them has to leave their job. Bhima has taken an oath and so did Ramji. Bhima asked that they both must fulfil each other’s promises. Ramji was contented with Bhima’s decision. He said that he questioned Bhima to check how he will respond. Ramji asked him to work for his Seth ji with full dedication. Form tomorrow they will have a new relation in the work field. Bala interrupted, he condemned their decision, he wanted Bhima to respect his father, but Ramji refused him not to judge. Bala left asking Meera that he was hungry.
Maharaj has brought Balak to his village, he was happy.

The next morning, Balak and his Guardian were travelling in a cart dressed in untidy old clothes. Balak was screaming in pain while his Guardian tried to console him. Puranjan was curious. He came asking why the boy was crying. The Man told him that he is from another village, the boy has recently lost his mother, he is suffering from a mental trauma, the doctor advised to take him some where else. The man asked for a place to live. Maharaj interrupted that he must inform about his cast in order to find a place to live in this village. The man said he is from the lower cast but will restrain himself from coming near to the upper cast. Puranjan said that as the man is their community member, he is granted a permission to live here. Bhima curiously turned to his father, Ramji said that it can be Maharaj’s doing. Bhima asked that there is no surety that he is from their cast because if he is not, he will never understand their pain and if he is the upper cast won’t let him live peacefully. Ramji asked him for surety. Balak ran and hugged Bhima. The villagers claimed him a lower since he touched Bhima(a lower cast). Balak said that he doesn’t feel disgusted touching Bhima, his hug made him sense of a friend. Puranjan agreed to give him a place to stay. They took Balak and his Guardian away. Maharaj thought to himself that in order to destroy someone they must be shattered from within.

Puranjan gave them a place, offering to build a home there. Balak refused saying that they cannot take more help from someone, he asked everyone to leave they will have all the work done themself. Balak saw Bala and Anand and remembered that Maharaj informed him about Bhima’s family, Maharaj told him that Jijabai and Bala will go against Bhima. Jijabai has left to visit her family but will return in a shot span on the other hand Bala who is Bhima’s eldest brother have many opposing opinions. Balak was assigned to make Jijabai and Bala turn their back to Bhima permanently. So that Bhima be left alone forever, Baaka promised to do so. Balak was determined to use Bala as a weapon against Bhima.

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