Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th November 2022 Joshi taunting Lawyer, said that they must go to court. Lawyer told that Jijabai turned her back on them.

Jijabai ran recalling Ramji and his words from previous night. She ran towards chawl.

Ramji called everyone out. He gathered everyone to go to court together. Daliya wished to accompany them, wanted to tell the truth. Hitesh said that it would be useless, lawyer was already prepared. Ramji didn’t care. Bhim Rao said that the fight hasn’t ended. Jijabai came to chawl, cried out loud that she didn’t want to fight this case anymore.

Everyone was shocked to see her. She told Ramji that her wish for a child would never end but she can only ask for it in Ramji’s presence. Joshi came yelling at Jijabai. Told that she would lose the case. In case she lost no one would let her win again. Her lose meant Bhim Rao’s victory.

Varchand instigated Jijabai to pursue the case. Lawyer will make sure her demands are fulfilled, they asked her to talk about the court’s hearing. Jijabai turned to lawyer refusing to talk on the topic anymore. She will live here and not leave her home. Jijabai might be a bad woman, not a good mother for Bhim Rao and Rama, a bad wife but can not lose her husband. Joshi questioned,

he refused to let her rule this time. Bhim Rao stopped Joshi. Rama asked Joshi to talk to Jijabai with respect. Varchand questioned them about respect, said they should have convinced Ramji to accept Jijabai’s demand. Bhim Rao asked him not to interfere in their personal matter, they will not fight this in court.

Lakshmi threatened to go to court for sending a lawyer against them on false accusations. Varchand asked her to send Bala to court then, he wasn’t innocent. Jijabai declared her lose. She withdrew from the case. Varchand left. Rama asked Joshi to leave, buy a diary on his way back and note the many times he lost from her family. Joshi remembered everything; he will revenge everyone one day.

Joshi left. Rama told Lawyer that her husband ought to become a lawyer hence refused to say anything to him. She asked him to leave. Bhim Rao requested lawyer not to misuse his position for sake of money. People have high hope from him. Lawyer didn’t know how or when would Bhim Rao become a lawyer. He was sure that Bhim Rao would be a Mahanayak. Lawyer was proud to meet Bhim Rao.

Varchand and Joshi were going back. Joshi broke a pot and smashed it saying Bhim Rao’s name. Varchand stopped him, took Joshi with him.

Bala’s wife questioned Bala. She asked why Varchand wanted Bala to be punished. Bala refused to answer. He left in ager. Rama asked Bala’s wife to wait for a while. Bhim Rao asked Ramji to take Jijabai inside. Rama and Lakshmi followed. Ramji went to Jijabai to take her inside. Meera stopped them, said that Jijabai cannot enter the house. This was her home not a circus to play with.

Meera spoke how Jijabai tortured everyone of her family members, took their peace and comfort, conspired with Jijabai and Varchand against them. She can not let Jijabai enter the house knowing she was the reason for their miseries. Ramji understood what Meera’s pain. Meera cared for everyone in the family.

Meera’s anger was valid, but it was necessary to let it go. Meera wasn’t angry, she was afraid of what Jijabai would do next. Jijabai wanted to talk. Meera questioned; Jijabai crossed her limits by with the recent drama. Meera wanted to punish Jijabai. Jijabai changed position with Meera, asked her to understand. Bhim Rao questioned Jijabai. She knew everyone understood.

She told that Jijabai was the daughter in law while Meera was the daughter of this house. The daughter in law hold the right to decide rules and norms of a house, not the other way around.

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