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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th October 2020 Ganga breaks down and shouts Aayi as soon as the realisation hits her.

Bhimbai stands up with a start. Ganga? Everyone tries to calm her down as she panics thinking about Ganga. Meera and the kids try to calm her down but she is sure Ganga is in pain. Meera assures her that Bhaiya is there. He will take care of her. They give water to her but she drops the glass as her hands are shaking badly.

Ram ji suggests Ganga’s in-laws to perform the last rites of their son. Ganga’s MIL blames Ganga for her son’s demise. Ram ji says we can discuss this later. We must perform his last rites soon or else the mosquitoes will start hovering over his dead body and the plague can be easily spread this way. Ganga coughs and vomits. Ram ji pulls Bhima away from his sister. He also covers her vomit with dirt when he notices similar marks (of plague) on the back of her neck. Ganga’s in-laws get tensed. Bhima tries to go near his sister but Ram ji stops him. He decides to take her to hospital. Ganga’s FIL reasons that no one will let them go there. Few villagers have blocked the way already. Ram ji agrees to take care of them. Ganga tells her Baba she doesn’t want to go anywhere. I want to die with my husband. There is nothing left for me now. Ram ji stops Bhima from going closer to Ganga. He asks Ganga’s FIL to give them 3 blankets. He covers himself, Bhima and Ganga well. Ganga is reluctant but he reminds her to think about her kids. He tells Ganga’s in-laws to make preps for their son’s last rites. He again stops Bhima from going near Ganga. Talk from a distance. Ganga goes with her Baba and Bhima. Ganga’s in-laws lament over their son’s death.

While walking, Ganga keeps repeating that she doesn’t want to go to hospital. What’s the point of living when I lost my husband? He tells her to think about her kids. They cannot become orphans. Few villagers block their way and tell them that Ganga cannot go to hospital. We have been deployed here to stop anyone from going to hospital. Plus, it was her husband who brought this plague here in the first place. Ram ji says the one who brought it from Bombay is no more but this disease can spread even because of a fly. The guys are reluctant. Bhima speaks about their rights but they attack him. Ram ji holds them back with his complete strength. Ganga is feeling weak. Ram ji tells Bhima to take her to hospital. I will take care of these guys. Bhima leaves with Ganga. Ram ji asks the guys to run away or he can do anything to them. He makes them unconscious and then runs towards his kids.

Ganga is losing her strength. Ram ji helps her sit in an empty carriage. He decides to pull it forward and tells Bhima to push from behind. Bhima nods.

Puranjan asks Bhimbai if they heard something. Bhimbai shakes her head. Puranjan says we got news from Bombay. Everyone is coming back from there. Bala says we don’t care about what’s going on in Bombay. Bhimbai scolds him. Bala says we only care about our Didi and Jija ji. Meera asks Bala since when he became so selfish.

The road ahead is rough. Bhima tells his Baba they will pass it too. Let’s keep going. They push the cart together.

Puranjan and all the Sakpal family members pace anxiously.

Anand confronts Bala. You want Dhruv to catch the plague too? Bala denies. Anand says what else you mean by what you just said. If you don’t care about Dhruv then you are just like Mangesh and Seth ji. They don’t care about anyone as well. Bala says I don’t want to argue with you. Anand tells him to atleast care for those who are in problem. You will gain the strength to bear your own pain by doing that. Bala isn’t interested in another lecture. I am not a fool. Anand says I know that but surely Bala was a fool who asked us to tell you to forgive him before leaving for Bombay.

The cart gets stuck in the mud. Bhima pulls it back a little to push it harder. They are finally able to take her to the hospital and ask doc to check her.

Dhansukhlal and Mangesh meet the police captain. They discuss about plague. We are worried for Dhruv. We might hear something about him if you can connect with British Officer once. Police captain says you performed last rites of your son as far as we know. Do you have another son? Dhansukhlal calls it society’s pressure. That’s why we came here at night. Nothing can change that fact ever. Mangesh seconds him. he worries for him every day. I have seen him. Dhansukhlal requests police captain again. Police captain says you are begging me just the way people from lower community beg you guys. I have a lot of work. Please leave. Mangesh asks Dhansukhlal to come. Police captain agrees to find out the truth from his end. Think what Ram ji would have been experiencing whenever you tortured his kids in front of him. They nod and leave.

Doc asks Ram ji and Bhima about their caste.

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