Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th November 2022 Rama asked everyone not to discuss adoption with Ramji or his condition would worsen. Bala questioned; they have to accept the court’s order. Bhim Rao told they can not fight court anymore, either Ramji adopts a child, or everyone will go to jail.

Ramji told Meera that if Jijabai’s lie wins in court he would adopt a child but after adoption they will leave the house. He wanted her to realize that her stubbornness drew her apart from everyone.

He wanted to make her feel lonely, nobody would be allowed to meet her. Bhim Rao defied, said that no one else should be punished for what Jijabai did. He asked Ramji to accept Jijabai’s demand before the case and even after it not because of being accused of a lie. He asked Ramji to remember that he wasn’t alone.

Everyone was ready to go to jail with him but after wining this case. Rama agreed. Lakshmi said that they can not live away from Ramji neither in this chawl nor in jail. Anand said that everyone can live together in jail.

Meera was ready to go to jail. She asked Rama and Lakshmi to cook delicious food, everyone will eat together without worrying for tomorrow. She will inform Jijabai about Ramji’s decision on not adopting. Ramji wanted to tell her himself, he will take food with him. Hitesh heard their discussion.

At night Ramji went to find Jijabai. He found her siting near a fence. He sat beside her, took the dinner out. Jijabai saw him, said that there was an entire night left for him to decide. She asked him to accept her demand, she didn’t like to worry him as well. Ramji fed her dinner. He apologized to Jijabai for being a failure, he will go to jail tomorrow.

He wasn’t sure when he would feed, talk or apologies to her next time. Ramji wasn’t worried about tomorrow and according to him Jijabai shouldn’t be worried as well. Jijabai asked Ramji to answer her question for Bhim Rao’ sake. Ramji question. She asked that when Ramji decided to go to jail with his family, he didn’t consider her once.

She asked if she was important for him at all. Ramji told that he cared for her, hence came to talk to her today. She requested him to accept her wish. Ramji said that this one demand was beyond his limits. He can not fulfil it.

He was ready to go to jail. Jijabai questioned; she would be all alone. Jijabai said that a battle end leaving one victorious and other a failure. It was Jijabai’s to decide what she won and lost. Ramji gave her water, packed his bag, and left. Jijabai refused to step back; she will stay form until court decides.

Next morning, Hitesh along his friends came to chaw. He called everyone out, told that Jijabai won the case. Daliya questioned; court rules fairly than how come Jijabai won. Joku told that court rules on evidence. Deepak’s mother said that Hitesh and others falsely testified against Bhim Rao.

Chawl members taunted Hitesh, he would be answerable for his sins. Police came with Bhim Rao asking Ramji’s family to step forward. Everyone was ready to leave. Joshi and Varchand came to chawl with Jijabai. Meera told Jijabai that everyone was going to jail because of her. She asked Jijabai to live alone in this house forever. Joshi asked Jijabai not to worry, she was a winner.

Ramji congratulated Jijabai for defeating her husband and his family. Ramji asked her to remember that his family will never come to meet Jijabai. Jijabai was thinking all this in her unconscious. Joshi, Varchand and Lawyer came asking her to come to court with them for the final ruling.

Jijabai ran away. Joshi laughed; he thought that Jijabai ran towards the court. Varchand said that they must leave for courtroom as well. Lawyer stopped him, said that going to court was useless. They must go to chawl now.

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