Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th January 2021 Meera says they are kids. You are expecting them to behave like grownups. Bhimbai heads to the kitchen. Meera says our kids may fight but they wont be able to live without each other.

Mangesh, Dhansukhlal spread rumours about temples and how miraculous those temples are. Villagers fall for those stories.

Pundit ji tells Maharaj he did a great thing. People from neighbouring villagers will come to the temple and offer donations. It will benefit us. Maharaj says tell them about Bhima and his family. Turn everyone against them by saying that they are against our ideologies.

Everyone is quiet during dinner time. Bhimbai tells the kids to sit in a corner by themselves. They look at her in shock. Bhimbai makes them do it. Bhima asks his mother if she wont feed him but she tells him to sit quietly. Don’t ask questions. All the kids eye each other sadly. Bhimbai tells everyone to eat now. No one touches their plate. Bhima walks up to his mother who shifts in her place. He keeps his plate down. Other kids follow his example. Bhimbai asks them what this is. Bhima says we don’t want to eat. She asks why. Bala says we cannot stay without talking to each other. Manjula nods. Please forgive us. They all apologize to her. Bhima says you may or may not forgive us but we cannot live like this. Bhimbai wipes her tears. I will forgive you on one condition – promise me that you wont fight with each other ever again. You will listen to each other, behave nicely and will be together always. The kids wipe their tears and agree with her. Ram ji and Meera smile emotionally. Bhimbai makes the kids repeat it after her. Bhima says you will see that we wont forget this even after we grow up. They hug her. Bhimbai steps out of the hug. I wouldn’t have done this if I would have been able to live that long. Hope that this promise will work. She experiences pain in her head and goes outside. Ram ji asks the kids to eat now. Think ten times before fighting again. You now know how you will be punished if you fight again. Remember her promise always. Seth ji has allowed me to come home daily. The kids smile. Bhima says let’s tell Aayi. He goes outside. Bhimbai pretends to be fixing the lantern. He tells her that Baba’s Seth is very nice. Baba can come home every day. She smiles. It is a very good thing. Let’s go inside and eat now. He hugs her.

It is night. Everyone lies down to sleep. Bhimbai experiences sharp pain in her head again. She sits up but the pain is unbearable. She looks at her kids who are sleeping peacefully. Vaid ji’s words echo in her mind. She thinks of the good times with her family and is in tears. She ties a cloth on her head and cries quietly. Ram ji wakes up. He drinks water and notices his wife holding her head. She gets startled when he pats at her head lightly. He holds her hand and takes her outside.

Ram ji asks Bhimbai to sit but she wants to know what happened. He makes her sit down and presses her head. You can wake up your husband when the pain increases. You don’t have to bear it alone. She says this is an everyday thing now. I wont wake you up for his. He says I will do this daily then. Let’s go to Bombay in the morning. We can get second opinion again. Bhimbai decides against this idea or he might find out the truth behind her illness. No, I will be fine. She holds his hand. A wife’s pain goes away when her husband tries to share her pain. He smiles. You are very good with words. She denies. You must think sometimes that you got a wife who remains ill all the time. He denies. I never gave it a thought but I do think that I got a wife who is very sorted and simple. Men who get complicated wives spend their life in pain. She says you are ignoring the topic now. I always wonder how I ended up meeting you. It is true you deserve a much better wife than me. He says I don’t know that but you are the best. She smiles sadly.

Ram ji asks her if she is feeling better. She nods. He suggests going to Bombay tomorrow. She assures him that she will tell him if she thinks it is required. He wants to go but gives in for her. He asks her to come inside now. She tells him that she will come soon. Go ahead. She thinks of his words and calls out to him as Subedar Sahab! There will be a horde of girls if you will say yes for marriage! He laughs sweetly. She laughs along. He asks her to come inside. She cries silently once she is alone.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone tries to wake up Bhimbai but in vain.

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Telecast Date:14th January 2021
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