Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th February 2020 Episode Start With Bhimbai asks Bheema to give his trophy to his mother as soon as he is home. Someone intentionally speaks in front of Sakpal family that Ram ji and Bheema have been attacked by someone. Sakpal family runs to school. They are relieved to see Ram ji and Bheema safe and relate everything. Ram ji immediately asks about Bheema’s Kaki. They run to find her but she isn’t home. They start searching in the village. Kaki is seen running in the fields with villagers are chasing her closely.

Villagers surround the lady. Her husband strangulates her. She breathes her last. All villagers smile in relief. Sakpal family and Puranjan reach there just then. Bheema tries to wake her up. He complains to his mother that Kaki isn’t saying anything. Bhimbai places her fingers before her nose and gets stunned. Bheema asks her what happened to Kaki. Principal and Guru ji look on from far. Kaki’s husband shares that he has killed his wife. Ram ji questions him but all villagers take responsibility of it one by one. Mangesh says we have killed her. Kaki’s husband tells Ram ji to complain to police captain now. He is free to arrest us if he can! Villagers walk away.

Principal and Guru ji leave as well. Mangesh tells Ram ji he is more responsible for her death than them. Her family might have done her last rites if she had not been given shelter by you. Now no one will do her last rites! He leaves. Ram ji shouts that he wont spare anyone. I will give you police! He tells Bhimbai to wait and runs to call police captain. Bheema recalls Kaki’s last words. He keeps the trophy in her hands. Everyone cries. Bheema asks her to say how it feels to hold this trophy. This is my trophy. Please say something. He asks his mother why Kaki isn’t saying anything. Bhimbai signals him to be quiet. Let her rest. She was tired of running. He declines. She tells him that villagers have killed her. She wont get up ever again. She will never speak again. She cannot touch or feel your trophy. She has left us. Bheema says it means we couldn’t save her. Bhimbai cries. We couldn’t! Bheema caresses Kaki’s head sadly.

Police captain asks Ram ji if he should arrest everyone. You just said that everyone is vouching
Ram ji reminds him of his duty. You must nab the real culprit. It is your dharma. Police captain asks about his community. Who are you complaining again? You are just a handful of people while that community is way more in number. We must work carefully when it comes to question them! We will see later. Ram ji asks him if murderer will openly roam. Police captain asks him why he gave shelter to her in the first place. You have been in army. You very well know it was a social battle. This was the reason why every single person was willing to take the blame. Leave!

Villagers felicitate Kaki’s husband. Narayan gives a speech in his honour. He deserves all the praise. Entire village will remember his sacrifice. Mangesh cheers in his name. Narayan says those who try to break our traditions should remember that they wont be able to survive! Now we will felicitate him by organizing a procession in his honour.

Puranjan covers the dead body with a duvet. Ram ji comes back. He shares that police captain wont come. Bheema offers to bring him but Bhimbai stops him. Ganga asks them what they will do about the dead body now. They wont even do her last rites. Ram ji says we will do it. We wont let the body rot.

Puranjan, Ram ji, Anand and Bala brings wood and set the pyre. On the other hand, villagers hold a cheerful procession across the town to celebrate their victory. Ram ji makes Bheema light the pyre. Villagers do their merry dance in front of Sakpal family.

It is night time. Bhimbai sadly recalls how excited Didi was to share Bheema’s victory with us. She tells Meera to throw the ingredients they had brought for kheer. A lot should remain incomplete and we should remember it our entire life. Bheema picks Kaki’s blanket. He thinks of their first meeting and how he lost her today. He opens his box. Out comes the piece of cloth that the barber had refused to accept from him. He keeps the blanket next to it. Ram ji says books speak of humanity whereas a woman gets killed openly and men do nothing. What’s the point of these books then?

Next morning, Bheema visits the place where Kaki had breathed his last. Anand and Bala find him there. Don’t you want to go to school? They are surprised to see him crying. Bheema says we couldn’t save Kaki. Bala says we cannot be upset over one thing for life. Bheema rues that he couldn’t save Bheema. Anand asks him what he could you have done alone. Dhruv says she isn’t the first one to die. This society has killed many women! My mother was set on fire by my Baba. Police captain dint do anything and neither did anyone else. Like your Kaki, a lot many Kaki’s will continue to die. I am not sad. You shouldn’t be sad either. I miss my Aayi yet I don’t feel sad. He cries thinking of his mother. Bheema walks up to him. Don’t cry. Dhruv hugs him and cries his heart out. My Aayi was very good. Anand and Bala get tensed.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Narayan taunts Ram ji. You can neither save someone nor get the culprits punished. Ram ji challenges him. Narayan tells villagers to approach police captain before Ram ji does anything. We should get him arrested. Police captain arrests Ram ji.

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Telecast Date: 14th February 2020
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