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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th January 2020 Episode Start With Surendra’s father (Kailash) drags him to the school. Tell me which kid you sit next to. I will not spare either of you! Surendra requests him to let go of his hand but his father tells him to be quiet. They walk inside the classroom and tell the teacher to stop teaching. He looks at the kids. His eyes stop at Anand and Bheema. Are they the same kids with whom you sat? Surendra nods. Guru ji asks him what happened. Kailash tells him not to act as if he does not know anything. He asks his son who has been telling him all the nonsense. Anand calls him Kaka. We are brothers.

Kailash reprimands him for calling him Kaka. He questions Guru ji as to why he dint stop his son from sitting with these kids. Guru ji requests him to calm down. I will take care in future. Kailash tells him to do that. My son will not sit with them. He also tells Anand and Bheema to remember their limits or he will beat him. Principal asks Kailash what happened. Kailash says I advise you to understand the difference of castes and teach it to the kids too. Follow that diligently. Surendra looks at Anand and Bheema. Principal advises Surendra to sit with the people from his caste. One kid asks him to sit with them. You are pure now. Surendra looks at them and then at Bheema and Anand. He again sits next to Bheema shocking everyone present in the classroom. Principal asks Surendra if he cannot follow what his Baba had just told him to do. Surendra reasons that Bheema and Anand are his friends. I will sit with them only. Anyone can go and tell my Baba! Principal walks out of the class unhappily. Bheema tells Surendra to sit with other kids. Surendra tells him not to stop him from sitting here if he considers him his friend.

Principal tells Balchand to bring Ram ji asap. Guru ji tells Balchand to also inform Ram ji that one kid dared to step forward and befriend his kids for the first time yet his kids are still at fault. We fail to understand why someone is trying to be close to them! Principal tells him not to support Anand and Bheema always. Guru ji says I am not supporting anyone. Being a teacher I am only supporting what’s right. Principal advises him to do what he comes here to do. I will run the school. You can leave the school if you are feeling bad about it. Guru ji agrees to leave the school. As per you, I committed a mistake by supporting Bheema. I will leave. Principal asks him what he wants. Guru ji says we must not create any trouble for Bheema if we cannot support him. that’s all that I want. Balchand asks for permission to leave but Principal tells him to go and do his work. He also sends the Guru ji back to his class.

Ram ji is all set to leave. Manjula and Tulsa bring a box to give to their sister. She forgot this last time. Meera and Bhimbai give them few other things as well. Ram ji asks them to give him few more sacks if they have. Being a Subedar, I will pick everything on my own. Everyone smiles. Tulsa says you don’t have to actually carry anything. We can drop you till the cart outside. You can then go to station and go straight to Didi’s house. He tells them to leave it and picks it himself. He decides against boarding a cart save money. Bhimbai stops him. is this why you stopped Tulsa from coming out? Ram ji says I will save money somehow. It isn’t too far. She taunts him on the distance. He says parents remain young till the time the kids aren’t married. I will be fine. She smiles. Go ahead. Ram ji leaves. she looks on sweetly. Every time he says something which silences me. He is a great husband but he is a way better father than that!

Bheema asks Surendra why he insisted upon sitting with them again. You will have to bathe again if he finds out that you sat with us again. Surendra does not mind. A kid collides with him on his way out. Surendra winces in pain. Bheema asks him about it. Surendra says Baba hit me. Bala, Anand and Bheema see the red marks on his back. They are sad to see him in pain. Bheema asks him if he dint apply anything on his wound. Aai makes some ointment using turmeric. It relieves you of the pain. I will bring it. Surendra replies that lunch break will be over by the time he will bring it. Class will resume. Bheema says let it be. First class will be of Sanskrit. We aren’t allowed to sit in that one. I will be back soon. He runs towards home.

A few villagers notice Ram ji going and decide to tease / taunt him. They ask him where he is off to with this much stuff. Ram ji replies that it is for his elder daughter. One guy tries to see but Ram ji tells them against it. He tells them not to trouble him. They take the suitcase and bag and throw the contents on the ground. Ram ji struggles with them but in vain. Two policemen notice it and stop them. What’s happening? Ram ji shares that he was just passing by when these people threw his stuff on the ground. One policeman asks him who he is. Ram ji shares his intro. They salute him and help him. Ram ji thanks them. He offers laddoo to them. One villager is about to object but another guy stops him. Policeman thanks him for the laddoo and tells him to go. Ram ji thanks him. He eyes the fallen laddoos sadly as he goes. The same guy tells the villagers that Britishers have been ruling over them as they don’t respect one another. The guy you were messing with is a retired Subedar. You can be nowhere close. One villager retorts that he is from a lower caste. The policeman isn’t bothered. You will be a servant till the time you will differentiate between people because of their caste. If you will live happily with each other then you will get both the sweet and freedom. Policemen throw away the laddoo as they leave.

Bheema asks his mother to make the turmeric paste asap for his friend. I don’t have much time. Bhimbai and Manjula go to make it.

Kids decide to find out what Surendra and Bheema are up to. We will tell Surendra’s father everything in the evening. Surendra will be beaten once again and will be forced to bathe again. Surendra, Bala and Anand are hiding nearby. Bala says we will be in trouble if anyone sees us here. Anand says we are well hidden behind the cart. Bala says everyone is trying to find us so they can inform Surendra’s Baba about his adventures with us. Surendra says it is fine. Let them see. Bheema comes there with turmeric paste. We don’t want anyone to see us together. You will be beaten yet again. Bala tells Surendra to remove his kurta. Aai has made the paste. It will help you. Surendra thinks of all the past incidents. I don’t want to put it. They look at him in confusion. Why? Surendra says Bheema calls me his friend yet he cannot apply this himself. Are we different? Bheema says there is indeed a difference but Surendra declines. It isn’t for me. You will either put it yourself or you can throw it away! Bheema looks at his brothers and then at Surendra. He picks the bowl, dips his fingers in the paste and tells Surendra to turn around. Surendra happily obliges. Bheema is about to apply the paste when his mother holds his hand.

Bhimbai reprimands Bheema for applying the paste on Surendra’s back. His parents wont spare anyone if they will find out about this! Bheema points out at the wound on Surendra’s back. Bhimbai tells him to understand. This medicine will instead become salt for him. She reprimands Bala and Anand for not making Bheema understand. Take him from here. Bheema is concerned about Surendra but they take him to the classroom. Surendra looks on sadly. Bhimbai cries. I know you are a very nice kid. You decided to be friends with my son because you are nice. Your niceness can kill my son and maybe you too! I beg you to stay away from my son. Please remember my words. She leaves sadly.

Surendra looks at Bheema as his brothers drag him back to the school forcibly. Surendra picks the bowl of paste as he steps out from there. Bheema smiles but his smile disappears when he notices Surendra placing the bowl in a corner.

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