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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th March 2020 Episode Start With Villagers are unable to figure out how Ram ji’s daughters defeated their boys. Maybe Ram ji knows black magic. Ambedkar ji was passing from there and agrees. That black magic is called self confidence. One guy tells him he has become a part of that lower caste only! What to say! Ambedkar ji tells them to understand the meaning of that self-confidence first. Your boys wanted to show Ram ji’s daughters down. You all also wanted to insult Ram ji, his daughters and out their family from here. Ram ji’s girls knew how important victory was for them, their father and for all the girls like them who want to study.

Sakpal family Pendse ji, other girls who want to study and I were praying for their victory. We knew that if they win then time will change with their victory. Old man shouts that nothing will change. This victory will neither change their caste nor karma. We wont send our girls to school. Things will continue as they were before. You are mistaken if you think anything will change with this. Ambedkar ji says it is you who is under the illusion that time does not change. Truth is time changes. This will break your outlook! Another villager tells him not to lecture them too much or they will oust him as well. Ambedkar ji says this is your only weapon. I am not someone who will get afraid. I am a teacher. I can go anywhere basis my knowledge and raise my family. Knowledge is respected everywhere! He walks away.

Village girls are getting gifts for Manjula and Tulsa. Madhvi (the girl who was willing to study) says we will be beaten if someone notices us going to their house. One of the girls suggests sending them through someone. They notice Bheema and Anand coming in their direction. Anand is angry with the shopkeepers for keeping their money yet not giving them anything in return. I hope their shops catch fire! Bheema justifies their fear. Girls give them gifts to give to Manjula and Tulsa. Anand refuses. No one let us buy milk or rice in the market. We will be in problem if they see us taking this from you! The girls find sense in his words but Bheema offers to do it. Madhvi thanks Bheema. You were right about us raising our voice. I did raise my voice. I bought this notebook! He advises her not to keep it down now. She nods. Both brothers head home.

Madhvi’s father throws the books away. I will set them on fire! You think you will do whatever people from lower caste will do? He tears the notebooks. Madhvi cries. He warns her not to think about studying again. His wife reprimands her for lying in front of Sakpal family. You are trying to intimidate my daughter here! He insists she wont study whereas his wife is persistent that she will study. He locks Madhvi outside and beats his wife.

Bhimbai is getting impatient as Bheema and Anand are still not home. They return just then. Bheema says we dint find milk, rice or jaggery but we got gifts for Manjula and Tulsa. Bhimbai asks him who gave it. Anand tells them everything. Manjula and Tulsa wear their new jewellery. Ram ji says this is sweeter than kheer. They nod. Bhimbai says we always got abused and reprimanded till date but we got a gift in our house for the first time today. It was made possible by my daughters. Meera remarks that time is indeed changing.

Ambedkar ji tells Pendse ji a lot of time will be spent changing the mindsets of people. A lot of time will pass. A lot many sacrifices will be made.

Madhvi’s father opens the door. Madhvi rushes to her mother’s side. He warns them not to think about anything apart from household chores.

One guy is collecting funds for some rebel movement against Britishers. Everyone gives some share including Ram ji. The guy speaks of free India and including everyone in their movement. Ram ji’s owner tells Ram ji he isn’t sure whether people are fighting in the right direction or not but they hate anyone who is associated with Britishers in any way. They might not have liked it if they knew you are an ex-Subedar. Keep this to yourself. This place is for rebels. Ram ji is thoughtful.

Ambedkar ji tells the kids to fill their forms very carefully. He guides them as to what they should write and in which column. You will be remembered by this name your entire life. This will be the biggest proof of your birth! Bheema stops writing. He asks Anand what he should write. Bheema Rao Ram ji Sakpal? Anand nods. Bheema says Baba said we must write Ambawadekar instead of Sakpal. I cannot think of anything. Ambedkar ji asks him what he is thinking. Bheema shares his concern. The kids laugh. Ambedkar ji tells him to write Bheema Rao Ram ji Ambedkar. All kids look at Ambedkar ji in shock. Bheema’s eyes widen in shock. He looks at his brother. Ambedkar ji says Ambawadekar is very difficult to say. Bheema asks him how he can use his surname. Ambedkar ji calls it a gift from him. This way you will remember me from forever. You say that kids taunt you when you use Ambawadekar. Do you want the world to continue doing so your entire life? You will be saved from a lot of problems if you will use Ambedkar. Bheema smiles. He walks up to his Guru ji confidently. He tells Ambedkar ji to write his name. Ambedkar ji happily writes it. Your name is Bheema Rao Ram ji Ambedkar from today. Anand and Dhruv clap. Anand says your name changed completely. Bheema nods. He repeats his name proudly. I will still be your brother. Anand smiles. Bheema turns to his Guru ji. Thank you for giving me your name. It will be with me for lifetime now! Anand repeats Bheema’s full name proudly. Bheema tells Anand to use this name as well. Anand agrees. Everyone fills their forms.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Dhruv falls down on the ground. They rush him to the Vaid (the same lady who had checked Bhimbai). She checks his pulse and informs them that he will wake up soon. Bheema asks her about his mother’s headache. It is very frequent and unbearable. Please help us. She asks them if they are Bhimbai’s sons. They look at him in surprise.

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Telecast Date: 12th March 2020
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