Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th January 2021 Meera tells Manjula to give medicine to Bhimbai and then bring veggies from market. Manjula gives medicine to Bhimbai. She next asks Tulsa to come to market with her. They both go outside. Bhimbai sees hazy flashbacks of what everyone loves to eat.

Tulsa and Manjula are leaving when Bala enters. He offers to go to market but Bhimbai leaves on her own.

Maharaj is having another meeting with his favourite villagers. He suggests Pundit ji to create rumours around the religious places here. This will attract more number of people here and you can ask for donations easily this way. Everyone likes the idea. They see Bhimbai passing from there. She stops when she notices them and walks towards them. Mangesh stops her at a distance. Dhansukhlal asks her if she had a change of heart. You better pay us the taxes as you agreed. She apologizes on Ram ji and Bhima’s behalf. I apologize for all the problems that they have caused to all of you. I may or may not live but my family should not be thrown out of here. She walks away sadly. Her last words puzzle Manegsh but Pundit ji takes it lightly.

Bhima and Anand return home. They ask Meera about her health. She says I am fine. When are your exams? Anand says it is will come when it is bound to. What’s there to be happy about? He tells Bhima he is only saying this for himself. Bala gives tea to Meera. Bhima asks about Bhimbai. Tulsa shares that Aayi is making a lot of food.

Bhimbai asks Manjula to help her cook.

Bala says it will cost us a lot if that happens. Anand says looks like Aayi has become rich suddenly. Bala smiles. He goes inside with Anand. Meera tells Bhima that she has a suspicion on Bhimbai. She hasn’t done anything like this again.

Bhimbai scolds Manjula when she fails to do something right. How will you manage your home after marriage? Manjula jokes that she will come running here to learn things from her if she faces any problem. Bhimbai reprimands her for talking like that but then mellows down. You don’t know who will live for how long. Learn things for me while we still have time. She notices Bhima at the door and changes the topic. Bhimbai asks Bhima to taste the food and tell her how it is. He sends Manjula outside. Bua is calling you. Bhimbai feeds him his favourite food. Bhima asks her if she is fine. She does not want him to get suspicious or he will find out the truth one way or another. She lies that she is fine. I took medicine a while ago. Headache wont go away so easily. She finds him staring at her. I know you are wondering why I am making all this food when I use money economically. She cooks up a story about pleasing God through food. My kids, my husband are everything for me so I thought to make everyone’s favourite food as well. Bhima reasons that even Baba is not at home. He too should eat it when you are working so hard. She smiles. I dint even realise this. You are right. Let’s take this food to his shop. We will eat together there. He agrees and goes outside. Bhimbai tries to suppress her emotions.

Ram ji is cleaning outside. His boss asks him why he is still working. Everyone left early. You are a retired Subedar yet you are doing all this for your family. It is a big thing. I cannot say these things to you in front of others. I hope you can understand. I respect your gesture a lot. Ram ji advises him to spend some time with his family too. You stay here most of the time. You are not even under any pressure. Bhimbai seconds him. She greets Ram ji’s boss and turns to Ram ji. We came to you as you couldn’t come home today. Ram ji is pleasantly surprised as Bhima tells him that Aayi has made everyone’s favourite food. We should eat together. Everyone smiles.

Bhimbai sits in a corner. Bhima invites Seth ji for lunch. I know you wont sit with the people from lower community but Baba has taught me to invite everyone. Seth ji tells him to always remember whatever his Baba tells him. I cannot join you as I cannot forget what I have been taught all my life. I will pray that you all stay together and happy. Bhimbai hears him and feels sad. This cannot happen.

Bhimbai excuses herself to bring water. Ram ji’s boss decides to head home. Bhimbai requests him to let Ram ji come home early for the next few days. He shares that Ram ji wants to go to extra mile to earn more money for them only. She says I know it but it is important for him to be home on time for the next few days. He agrees. She also requests him to not share this with Ram ji. He nods. She turns and finds her husband standing there.

Ram ji asks Bhimbai why she made that request with his Boss. Why dint you want me to know about it? She refuses to disclose the reason. He says I know you very well as we have been together since years. You got my name inked on your hand 2 days after our marriage. You have been with me through thick and thin and you haven’t even complained till date. You were suddenly talking about my leave without telling me today. Why? She says I cannot tell you. He asks her again. You can tell Seth ji but not me?


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhima asks his mother to tell him a story. Bhimbai tells him a story about a kid living with his family next to the sea. A big storm came one day. That kid’s mother disappeared in the sea due to the storm. He cries thinking about the kid. How will he live without her? She hugs him as they both cry.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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