Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th September 2020 Kamna steps on a snake’s tail by mistake and the snake bites her. She screams in pain as she falls down. Bhima, Dhruv, Bala and Ambedkar ji hear her scream. She tries to stand but falls down again. Bhima recognizes her and they all run towards her. He turns her around. Wake up, Didi. Froth starts coming out of Kamna’s mouth. Guru ji notices the marks on her feet. Bhima runs to call the Vaid but Kamna breathes her last. Ambedkar ji calls out after him. Stop. She is no more. Bhima walks back towards Kamna in shock. He sits down next to her. please wake up, Didi. Your vidaai is due in 2 days. Why isn’t she waking up, Guru ji? Bala says she is no more. Bhima says it is her vidaai in 2 days. Wont you listen to your brother? Dhansukhlal, Mohan, Chetan and Mangesh happen to be passing by from there and ask Guru ji what happened. Guru ji tells them what happened. Chetan and Mohan go to inform the villagers and Kamna’s family. Dhruv informs Sakpal family.

Kamna’s mother holds her daughter in her lap. Dhansukhlal blames Bhima. Mangesh blames Bhima. He has been calling her Didi but she is no more. Bala and Madhvi disagree. Dhansukhlal scolds Madhvi for believing in a guy who belongs to a lower community. Kamna’s father is heartbroken. He scolds his wife for not looking after the girls. Kamna’s mother rues that she tried to explain to Kamna that she should not believe in such relations. Dhansukhlal’s allies say it is time to show them their place. Ram ji and Bhimbai reach there. Dhansukhlal calls Kamna’s death a sign. Whoever will come in contact with people from their community will die one by one! It started with the woman who took shelter in their home. I then lost my son to them and now Kamna! Ram ji tells him it isn’t right to blame everything on caste. Mangesh asks him why only people from their community are dying an untimely death. Bhima says she might be from any community and I might be from another community but she will always be my sister. Mangesh taunts him for calling Kamna Didi again. Pundit ji says God chose Kamna to show us a way. We will build a temple in our town. Kamna’s father seconds him. Madhvi speaks against it. She is dead. She dint make any sacrifice. Her father calls that snake an emblem of God. This was his plan to open our eyes. He sends Madhvi home with his wife. Madhvi keeps shouting that his sister was no Devi.

Pundit ji says she was bit by snake so we cannot bury her. We will take her body to a banana tree nearby, do puja there and then we will immerse her body in water. Bhima looks on sadly.

Sakpal family stand at a distance as the villagers bid adieu to Kamna. Bhima tries to get near the body but Kamna’s father stops him. My daughter died because of you. Don’t you want her to die in peace? Bhima wants to accompany his sister but Kamna’s father refuses to let even his shadow be near his daughter. Ram ji stops Bhima. Bhima is sad that his Didi’s vidaai was due in 2 days. She wont be there when her husband will come. What will he and his family think? Dhansukhlal smiles as she notices Sakpal family standing helplessly. Madhvi is berserk. I wanted to see my Didi’s mehendi. She said she will show it to me once it dries. I want to see how much Jija ji loves her. Her mother consoles her. her hand wont be red now. Her whole body will be blue now.

Bhima relates how Madhvi and Kamna collected some money so he could go to school. They supported me even when the entire village was against me. Bhimbai tells him he cannot change what has happened. Pray for her soul now. He says I promised her that I will cook something for her on her vidaai. He goes inside.

Bhimbai says he is saying strange things since he has come back. How should I explain things to him? Ram ji says let’s leave him alone for some time. People often how understand how to react in some situations. He is in a similar situation. Very few people have fallen in love with him over time. He will be hurt if he will lose any of them. Meera says Bhima was closer to them than us. Our pain would be different than his. We might not be able to even understand his pain.

Bhima cries as he thinks about Kamna. Entire family comes inside. Bhima asks his mother why people say that whoever he comes close to falls in problems. Am I inauspicious? She declines. He insists that this is true. Be it Kaki, Dhruv or Kamna Didi. Dhruv disagrees. Ram ji sits next to him. all 3 incidents are very different. This is the oldest weapon of this society to make someone look weak. Make it lose its significance. They want to do the same to you but you must handle yourself in all these circumstances. No one becomes inauspicious because of what people say. You must save yourself from getting hurt. You are a kid right now. You will grow up soon but you too will see the world with a blurred eye if you fall for these words. You will begin to consider yourself inauspicious as compared to people from higher community. This is what these people have been sowing in our minds since years. Do whatever you feel like but don’t think of yourself as inauspicious, low person because of what other says. Bhima nods. Bhimbai hugs him.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Pundit ji suggests getting Madhvi married to Kamna’s husband. Madhvi opposes this idea. I will request Bhima to help me just like he helped his sister. Ram ji advises Bhima to stay away from Madhvi and Kamna’s family / matters for some time. Madhvi requests Bhima to help her. I don’t want to get married right now. Bhima stands there quietly. His silence puzzles her.

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Telecast Date:10th September 2020
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